Love, Sex, Nakedness and The Divine

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Love, Sex, Nakedness and the Divine

Messages from Love to Empower and Enlighten Your Journey

A New Book by Keith Higgs

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Untold beauty, through words of Magic Love, has touched and often surprised me, some at times of deep sorrow and grief, and others, at times of joy or questioning.

Always the Light of Love comes shining through with its answers. It brings messages of hope, peace, and Love, often in the early hours of the morning.

Where do these messages come from? That’s a question I have often asked—from the Divine, from the collective mind, from deep inside, from the wellsprings of Love.

These words have touched, frequently melted my heart and brought me back to places of Love, gratitude, and joy. It is my pleasure to share them with you in the hope that some of them will resonate and bring you similar joys, answers, Love and many other blessings.

They are given in Love and sent with Loving energy.

Your servant, in Love Keith.

Love, Sex, Nakedness and the Divine

It’s a strange and sad thing that these words have had their meanings corrupted, denigrated and many taboos attached. Warning bells ring, yet desire is also aroused within to find out more.

Let’s look at each one in their purity and see how they can set us free, bring pleasure and even enlightenment.

Love: Love they say is a momentary madness soon to depart or a state of emotions boosted by bodily chemicals running wild, but what if it was actually moments of heavenly connection, a remembering of our true state and a stepping into a place of paradise, with another. An experience designed to give us a taste of a state of being, which is worth striving to keep. The way, by passing through all the healings and forgiveness needed to stay in, or return to that place of bliss.

Sex: The moment of full orgasm is the closest thing to stepping into bliss, forgetting the body in a heavenly place of ecstasy. Sex can be a gateway to a different state. Sex is loved, hated, feared or desired, and so many people seek to control it. Yet often it’s almost uncontrollable. It creates incredible power and life it itself. Sexual energy is one of the most powerful forces in our beings.

Nakedness: Being truly naked is the essence of being, dropping everything that hides and all the walls that surround our hearts. It is becoming totally open. It is about dropping shame and fears. It

is not just about physical nakedness, though that can also be liberating, and a picture of freedom.

The Divine: Another label or name for the Supreme Being. It is a name, possibly without as many dividing prejudices as those associated with, God, Allah or Jehovah or the many other names given by different religions and belief systems. It is my choice; please substitute whatever name feels best for you. In my belief system, this is just a name or label for the magical power of Love, which is the One and All things. You can choose; it is all about the experience, feelings and beliefs. These are so much more than any human words can hold.

This book contains, I hope for you, ideas thoughts and practices to help you experience Love, Sex, Nakedness and the Divine, in a different light and profoundly deeper ways.

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