The Golden Rule Love!

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Love, Sex, Nakedness and the Divine

By Keith Higgs


The Golden Rule Love!

‘Though shalt Love thy neighbour as thyself. – Jesus.

Love is all there is. It is everything! It is the Divine! When we fully realise that underneath all the illusions, which we have created in this earthly plane, on the highest levels, or maybe deepest levels, there only exists Love. If there is only Love, then that Love is us. We can do, be and have nothing else! For we are Love itself! That realisation, knowing it and owning it, in every cell of our being is the miracle. It is what some would call salvation, others may say, it is enlightenment.

As a part or children of the Divine, we can do nothing but Love. So in this dream, as a part of our return to Love, how can we Live that Love?

Realising you neighbour is yourself! All we do, feel, or even think about another, is wholly affecting and directed back towards ourselves. Some call this the cosmic law of Karma. This is where taking personal responsibility comes into the picture. When we take personal responsibility for all that we see and experience in our own universe, and we desire the miracles of forgiveness and healing; then, as the all-powerful beings we are, it will happen!

LoveThe ancient Hawaiian practice of Ho’oponopono is the perfect picture of this. In its simple form, it is encapsulated in the words: “I’m Sorry. Please Forgive me. Thank You. I Love You.” In its more in-depth practice, there is a belief that we are all connected with everything. So there becomes a responsibility to maintain a Loving balance, with forgiveness and by cutting any ties that are not in that perfect unity of Love. It is a constant practice of cleansing and forgiveness. A knowing that all disharmonies are within. That they can only be cleansed using the power of Loving forgiveness, of self and of our perceptions of others. By frequently using this practice, the perfect balance of Love can be restored.

All other beings, as a part of the great mind of the Divine, in Spirit can sense our true intentions and our deepest thoughts—and us likewise theirs. It is when we become so engaged in the dream state of this world, that our intuition, a natural sense, becomes dull, or we are just not listening to it, that we spin out of control: Then, fully engaged in our own limited ego and world, we become stuck in the construct of time and fall back into its craziness. This is a black hole of our own creation, where energy can barely escape.

Fortunately, Love, forgiveness, Spirit and our Oneness are so much greater than the crazy illusionary dream. The energy of Love can melt all the black holes in our galaxies. Time is also dissolved, along with its illusions. All was never anything but whole anyway!

Thus begins and never ends the cosmic story of Love. The moral of the story; Just Love and be Love, for it is all there is!


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