Getting to the Heart of Love

Getting to the Heart of Love Book Picture

Getting to the Heart of Love

365 Quotes from Love to Encourage and Empower

from Keith Higgs

365 Powerful Messages on individual pages, a Bonus Poem, and a Hashtag Index
make this book a Wonderful tool to Support Your Personal Growth and Spirituality.





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From the Book: Praise for

‘Getting to the Heart of Love’

Keith’s writings are balm for today’s chaotic soul ever reminding us that there is a gentle light of spirit supporting us even in the darkest dawns. — Jamie Catto —


A wonderful and totally inspirational book. The quotes are so much more than quotes, they could be viewed as mantras and statements to live your life by. Especially needed in this time of much global negativity and fear due to the world pandemic. — Autumn Aldous (Happiness coach, Mindfulness therapist, and Author)


A Lovely book of practical Spiritual principles. If you practice each and everyone, you will find harmony in the chaos, love in the face of fear. Laurie Handlers Free Gift:


In his latest work, Keith Higgs draws on his experience and wisdom to guide us away from fear and back toward a loving open heart. As he puts it, “Words of Power can cut through fears and bring healing and growth, especially when repeated as positive affirmations.”I encourage you to allow Keith to help overwrite any old beliefs, replace them with new loving thoughts, and watch a new life unfold before your eyes. — Bonni Canavan,

‘Getting to the Heart of Love’ is a wonderful book rich in wisdom and inspiration. A compendium of empowering and loving aphorisms, one for each day of the year, it is designed for regular use in the spirit of ‘as you think, so shall you become’, a philosophy which I know is dear to Keith’s heart. Daily study will render your heart a flame in oxygen and make a friend of your soul. — Jon Skelton Pearson


I want to express my appreciation for your posts, and let you know that they touch my heart. In this seemingly insane global conundrum, reminders of our inner light, strength, and true home are much needed. – Prem Satyen


Reading Keith’s book I could feel my heart expand with delight. Like a direct route to the core of my loving being. Keith’s book of inspiring and empowering love quotes felt like a catalyst for change. When wanting to create the perfect environment for love & self-love, these little daily blessings and reminders make the world of difference to how we show up in the world. Thank you, Keith, for being a beacon of love. Your books bring much needed hope and a refreshing reassurance into a crazy world. Make space for yourself, read, breathe & choose love!” — Jem Ayres, Orgasmic Embodiment Coach


A great reminder of who we truly are and also how we can choose a higher vibration in any moment, regardless of what is happening externally in our lives. Elara, Sacred Light Tantra