The Little Book of Love

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The Little Book of Love

is a book of Quotes.

It is the Heart and Essence

of its parent book,

“Take Control of Your Spacecraft and

Fly Back to Love.”

Concise and Easy to read it is a collection of Inspired messages to

Empower Your Journey

Back to Love.

It is Available in Paperback, eBook and Audio Book

See the Books Introduction and Sample Quotes Below

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Little Book of Love

Here is the “Little Book of Love’s”


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When we enter this life, we step into a world of forgetfulness, a world where the past is nothing but a concealed memory. We slowly develop an understanding of this new world and learn how to interact with the amazing vehicle, created by us for this journey. I liken it to a spacecraft, as it is perfectly fitted to fly us through this new life.

It is an amazing craft. There are trillions of cells working together, which produce a living vehicle for us to travel in. Our task is to learn to control and pilot this craft, on an amazing journey of discovery, learning and experience—back to the realm we came from—Love. We are at core, the essence of that Love—Pure Energy.

Now for our welfare, the craft has been given an autopilot capable of running itself and looking after its millions of complex manoeuvres. These control movement and even the decisions needed to control actions and emotions. Within this, lies both the blessing and the problem. Much of that early information and instruction was input a long time ago and may have served us well then, but as we evolve and grow, just like our computers need a new operating system—the craft continually needs to be reprogrammed for new ages and the ever growing, learning, new being, that is now piloting this earthly vehicle.

It is one of our challenges on this voyage of life, to come to an understanding of how this works. Then we need to take control of our vehicle, rather than letting its old programs and outmoded ideas, decisions and beliefs continue to shape our life and reality.

My book “Take Control of Your Spacecraft and Fly Back to Love – a Manual and Guidebook for Life’s Journey.” was designed to share these ideas and especially help our understanding, and give some tools and signposts to assist on this journey Back to Love.

This Little book of Love is the Heart and Essence of that book. It is a collection of its most inspiring and powerful quotations. It’s easy and quick to read, and if assimilated, I believe contains many empowering, Love speeding, valuable ideas to assist us on our journeys.

You can read it through, or occasionally just open the book to see which quote Spirit leads you to, or dig through the index, researching subjects that speak to you. One of the best ways may be to take a quote and reread or meditate on it for a day or so. If it feels good and fits, then let it assimilate into your belief systems and autopilot. Then it can truly serve you. If not, find other ideas from the book or the multitude of sources available. I feel there are only a few absolute truths. Most of the things we consider truth are just ideas we have chosen to be our beliefs. These are the thoughts we have repeated over and over until they became our values and core programs. Be sure all the beliefs you hold dearly continue to serve you today, and especially are based on the only truth and one Law, that is to Love.

Best wishes on your journey.

Keith Higgs

Sample Quotes — Just 4 of 124 Pages.

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