A Free Read. A Topic to Read or Listen To


A Free Read. A Topic from the Book to Read or Listen To.


About every two weeks this page will feature a New Free Read or Listen to a topic from the book “Take Control of Your Spacecraft and Fly Back to Love.” It is open to all, without membership, as a way of making sure, even those who can’t afford the book, or are in countries where the currency can’t be used abroad, can benefit.
The current Free Read is “Be Careful What You Focus On!” Thoughts create things! What are you thinking about and creating? Your desires or fears? If you don’t like your results, you can change them! Here is How!



Be Careful What You Focus On!


please-dont-feed-fears‘The key to success is to focus our conscious mind on the things we desire not things we fear.’ – Brian Tracy


Do you think about what you really want? Or do those stray thoughts, which float by, start to build new realities of their own in your world—before you are fully aware of what they are creating?

Be aware, thoughts become and create things! We are creation machines and we often don’t realise the powers we are wielding—they shape the world we live in! Our thoughts, mixed with the energy of emotions, become our intentions, which, in turn become our manifestations.

Is it a little fear, or ill-conceived thought that at first seems almost harmless? Yet it can soon start to take root. Or is it a desire that slowly becomes an all-encompassing purpose. Be aware—many of these things can be either good or bad depending on what we really want, and their outcomes. The powerful force of driving thoughts has created empires, and has been the source of many human achievements. They have also created addictions, misused power or jealousies and off-centred or unbalanced worlds, taking their original perpetrators far from the places of their first intentions.

Are you in control of your thoughts, or are they running you? Are they usually taking you places and creating the experiences you deeply desire, or do they often seem to have a mind of their own and lead to embarrassment, anger or loss? Just as it is important to set a watch before our lips and create uplifting words, it is vitally important to be aware of the thoughts, which first create those words and actions. It is said that the power of life and death is in the tongue and the words it sends forth. However before every word is thought, those thoughts are having their way, in creating our reality, long before any words are uttered!

Now, maybe one little thought isn’t going to accomplish much, but as soon as it gets repeated, then it has a friend, and as the power of two sets in, they begin to work together and invite a few more to join them. Is it critical? Is it jealous? Is it fearful? Or is it greedy? Soon, they build their patterns and a neural web is forming, a habit is growing, a powerful net of thought, repeating and repeating, chains that bind and build actions—these are often far different than the original intentions of your pure heart.

thoughts-are-energy-in-actionIs there any hope? Yes, the good news is, the same process works with all thoughts; purposely constructed thoughts will lift you to places where you’d like to go. This kind—you can be fully in control of! Take time to become aware of where your thoughts and actions could be leading! Consider what they are creating and then exercise your greatest human power, the majesty of choice.

Is that thought creating a slippery road you don’t want to go down? Is that where you want to live and a route you’d like to follow? Can you see where this thought pattern might be taking you, or has already brought you? Are the results growing and sometimes causing frequent discomfort? Are alarm bells ringing? Is disease taking its hold? Is your world changing from the place of joy—our birth right—to a dull, grey, sad place, far from where it you’d like to belong and live?

Now all changes come from decisions and sometimes it can be just as simple as that. The miracle is the change of heart or direction. In other cases where everything seems completely overpowering, is it time to ask Love for the power and help to change things? See the next topic ‘Sincere Heart Cry Can Change Your World.’

thoughts-becomeEither way: step in with new thoughts of gratitude, thoughts of desires, of what you really like to create. Yes, change is possible, but it will take some work, re-patterning those old thought patterns and neural nets. Use the repetition of affirmations and new desires. Spend time, carefully tending the garden of your mind, ripping out old weeds and planting the beautiful flowers of desired creations. Beautiful flowers and perfect creations all start with very small seeds of thought. They need tending and watering, feeding, and protecting from any old weeds, which may be looking to spring up and choke them. Make sure you know the difference, and watch carefully for those weeds. Root them out, at the first sign that they may be pretenders, creeping into the garden of your mind. Feed and repeat many life-giving affirmations and every positive thought you can plant. The more you plant, the less chance of space for any weeds to enter in.

I am healthy. I am happy. I am Love. I create my genuine desires. I create a beautiful world based on real values, with powerful thoughts of good and great intentions. Pleasure and love grow for me and everything and everyone in my world.

Repeat these affirmations frequently and many others like them. These new thoughts will then grow and become the things that create and fill your world. New thoughts will create new thought patterns, and unexpected new roads to the places of your desires. Just give them a chance, and the time it takes for them to grow and build.


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