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Praise For “Take Control of Your Spacecraft and Fly Back to Love”


How to use this book 


My Journey


Section 1. Understanding Your Spacecraft

Driving Your Vehicle—What Is in Control?

Your Spacecraft

How Much Are You Worth?

We Are Running on Autopilot

The Voices in Our Heads

Who Is the Pilot Today?

The Fear of Change

Are Your Gauges of Wealth, Happiness, and Success Stuck?

Have You Ever Wondered Why You Don’t Seem to be in Control?

Are You Making Your Own Decisions?

Do You Believe That You Can Fly?

What If Game Section 1


Section 2. Some Guidelines for Flight and Maintenance

 We Are Meaning Making Machines!

First Steps in Reprogramming Your Autopilot

Be Aware! Your Fears Can Create Your Next Reality

Letting Go

Love or Fear, Your Choice

What Is Disease?

Stuck Energy Can Move Again!

Stop Beating Yourself Up!

Failure or Another Disguised Step Forward

No Is Almost Never Personal

What Are You Looking For and What Do You Notice?

Improve It! Don’t Attempt to Fix It!

Working Your Way to Heaven Won’t Work!

Shit Happens!

Hold On! The Crown, the Fruit, and the Rewards Are On Their Way!

What If Game Section 2


Section 3. Taking Control

Take Responsibility!

Ask How

What Does It Take to Become Free?

Two Things That Will Crash Your Spacecraft

Two Enemies of a Smooth Ride, in the Right Now

What do You Fill and Program Your World With?

Be Careful What You Focus On!

Sincere Heart Cry, Can Change Your World

Change Is Just One Heartbeat Away . . . But?

There Is an Ancient Practice That Can Change Your World

No More Trying—Just Do It!

Why Shouldn’t We?

The Power of Prayer

Choose Empowering Beliefs

It’s Time to Take Action! But How?

Take Action Anyway!

What Holds Us in the Darkness?

What Needs to be Shed to Bring Us into the Light?

What If Game Section 3


Section 4. Flying in Style

The Law of Attraction


What Will You Wear Today?

The Mystery of Money

Have You Found Your Golden Goose?

The Pursuit of Happiness

Sex, Nudity, Freedom, and the Divine

Forgiveness Is Loving Ourselves!

Are You Planning Your Life?

Past Lives or Seeing Through the Eyes of Others that Have Been Before?

Do You Desire a Soul Mate?

Some Tips and Ideas Experienced from My Soul Mate Manifestation Process

Integrity—Live in Truth

I Am

For Those Suffering Loss

What If Game Section 4


Section 5. Fly Back to Love

Reaching Your Idea of Heaven Is Not the Goal—It’s Enjoying the Journey!

An Adventure in Goal Setting

Have You Created a Vision Board?

How Do You See the World?

The Ramblings of a Mad Man

Perfect Peace in the Midst of a Storm

The Tapestry of Life

The Mystery of the Temples and Life

Death – The Ultimate Journey

Void, Nothingness, or a Place of Loving Energy?

You Never Lose by Giving

All You Need Is Love

Where Are You Choosing to Live?

What If Game Section 5


In Conclusion



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