Revealing Jewels

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Love, Sex, Nakedness and the Divine

By Keith Higgs


Revealing Jewels

Within each of us is a Divine Universe of Love. – Dr. Debra Reble

Dearest one,

I see you. I hear your sadness through the tales of past dark days. I am the explorer, the adventurer, the prospector. I find treasures in the dark places and the hidden depths of your beautiful heart.

In the darkness of distant ages, under enormous pressure jewels, crystals and precious stones were formed—the greater the pressure, the longer the dark night, the more precious the experience—that created such fine and valuable jewels. You are the crucible, the melting pot, the anvil, that has chosen to be the very place of creation. Deep within your earth, such pressure has created immense beauty. For only through these purgings can the hidden beauty, the enormous value of your true nature be forced into the light.

Strangely in such moments we often feel that terrible things are happening, but in truth, we have forgotten the master plan—the reason for it all. We are part of the divine foundry, choosing to enter dark places under that pressure, in the knowledge of the beauty that will emerge, the purification of energy, turning pure light into ever-growing crystals.

So remember, should the illusion of such darkness ever seek to return, there is in truth no reality in it, other than the refinement of character, the polishing of creation, the birth from darkness, of another facet of the wonderful gem that is concealed within your Divine heart, revealing your splendour.Revealing Jewels

As without, so it is always within. In the heart of all stars, there is an immense fire boiling under extreme pressure creating light and explosions from the energy within. In the core of the oyster, the irritation is producing the fine pearl. In your heart, that pain has created the love, the longing, the understanding, the desire to grow, learn and change. This pressure has brought forth a much purified you, emerging from the chrysalis of darkness into the glorious light of a new day. You are now exercising silver wings in the bright sunlight.

Know now, the purpose of the pressure is the refining of Love. Let this knowledge bring hope if for a while longer your feel the pressure of that darkness. Remember Love and light will soon shine through. A beautiful jewel will emerge into the light of day, to be a further adornment of your wondrous beauty.

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