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“Love, Sex, Nakedness and the Divine”

My nickname for Keith is the ‘Love Man’. In his book of, what I would describe as a series of ‘Love Essays’, Keith is brave enough to write about taboo topics, like Sex and Nakedness and he does it from a place of total unconditional Love and understanding. My favourite line of his is, ‘We came from Love, we are Love and we’re in the process of returning to Love’.

This book will have you examine your own relationship with Love, the Love you have for yourself, most importantly. This is not just a book, it’s a manual, a blueprint and a search engine that will have you wishing and wondering how you also can step into that Divine Love and Wisdom that Keith shares with us all. Enjoy!

Michael de Groot – @stayingaliveuk.

One of the sweetest books about Love to date. Keith Higgs looks at love from every possible angle and keeps showing us over and over again how and why to do it. All you need is love!

Laurie Handlers – MA…author, film producer, sex and happiness coach.

In ‘Love, Sex, Nakedness and the Divine’ Keith Higgs has bravely and skilfully created a book about, what is in my opinion, the greatest need of our world today, i.e., how to return to Truth, Oneness and Love. “There is only Love” he (continually and eloquently) points out, and “that Love is us.”

Through four powerful lenses (Love, Sex, Nakedness and the Divine) Keith paints a picture of our current world as a crazy illusionary dream, made up of fear, regret, separation and false truths. He clears a path from these back to the reality of true Love.

I invite everyone to travel this amazing path back with Keith. It is lined with truly captivating, Spirit-infused language, which has been birthed from Keith’s own inner searching, experiences of life and authentic dances with Spirit.

Both an invitation and a challenge to embrace the cosmic story of Love leap off every page of this beautiful book.

Rose O’Mahony

Keith once again proves himself to be the master of that sacred ground where spiritual psychology meets Tantra. You might say it’s the Kama Sutra meets A Course In Miracles.

Michael DayKingofTarot

Keith’s latest book is filled with beautiful quotes and inspiring messages and reminders on how to open to Love more in our life.

He gently invites us to look at ourselves honestly and see where we can let go and invite even more Love and connection. Beautiful, inspiring, tender, and deeply insightful. Read it with an open heart and even more open mind and discover just how much Love is waiting for you.

Sy and Ash –

Keith has devoted much of his life in the search and exploration of this abstract term called Love—the Love of self and sacred union of the soul and the cosmos. He has distilled down collective consciousness into a pocket plan for mortal beings to follow and then brought them with a bang of Love rocket fuel to this new age, and onto and through these pages. He has made gateways and access points, stripping away the construct and constraints of shame by bravely addressing the taboo subject of nakedness with the knife blade of his penned truth. Words that can cut away any false illusions we have lived under.

Along with his own unique expression which he has channelled and scribed wonderingly, to give a mix of poetry meeting quantum physics. Harvesting the science and transforming into introspective rhymes for this time.

If you want, hitch a lift, ride and bravely go where mankind has not managed yet to climb, on the wave lengths of the high vibration of Love. This is the best guide in the galaxy. It gives short cuts in a concise cosmic journey map and will help you avoid the worm holes that others have taken.

I invite you to engage with this book and ride the wave lengths of Love.

Ann-Marie Avery – Msc (Applied Behavioural Science)


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