A Birthday Message from Love

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Love, Sex, Nakedness and the Divine

By Keith Higgs


A Birthday Message from Love


Divine Being,

Here is a message of Love to honour your birthday or actually the day you chose to arrive on this earth, passing through the tunnel of forgetfulness into a strange and alien place.

Your actual Divine creation was in a completely different realm, a thought in the mind of God, the Divine Being, and the Energy of Love. I especially honour you for the choice to come to this world—knowing of that forgetfulness, and along with its joys, that much suffering, many lessons and learnings would be entailed.

Knowing that Salvation and Forgiveness were always your birthrights and nothing could harm your priceless being. In spite of the parched land, this journey would at times visit, all would forever be well. This is just a journey into illusion, though we are never truly separated from Love and our place in the Heart of the Divine.

Why did we come, you might ask, on this crazy ride into such an alien world? Was it so we could find and appreciate the Love we are? We are so much more than all it seems we are in this world! We are here learning, and understanding Loves depth and truths from another perspective—being seemingly apart from them. That lack and at times, seeming experience of no Love, stuck in the appearance of an illusionary time loop. Then making the majestic choice that our highest desire is to be and find the Love that we are.

Choosing to follow Love; to Love, give Love, be Love and receive Love, to desire the path of that Love and to pursue it, seems to me, the only route out of this maze of our own creation.

Keep looking towards the light in this ever darkening place. Keep the knowing that the Light of a new day is dawning and is but a few breaths away. Awakening from the dream of just a few moments in this world of time, realising it was over in the flash of knowing, remembering and enlightenment—this is our true destiny!

Our temptation is to tread water hoping that day will speedily come—yet I feel there is a journey, a path of learning and Love available to follow, to hasten our escape. We can bring that awakening of Light and Love, the salvation of forgiveness fully into our world and that of our companions on this journey. Those companions are travelling in this land, as seemingly different parts of us, yet in reality, there is only the One.

I’m sending much Love to you on this special day. I honour you and Love you.

Time is short and due soon to fall back on itself, into the only true eternity of now. Our constructs of past and future, holding with them the illusions of false truths, fears and regrets are soon to be consigned back into that false illusion where they were created—as we all escape their clutches by realising how they were just fearful constructs in a crazy dream. They were ideas designed to protect us and keep us safe created by our egos—yet so opposed to the truths of Love.

Until we share again, my Love. I honour you. Enjoy your special day, celebrate your passage into this world, but also much more, your incredible journey back into the arms and being of Love. Which if the truth was known and fully remembered, you never left.

Sent with Much Love, Keith


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