The Mystery of the Temples and Life 


    divine-in-heart‘ I looked in temples, churches and mosques. I found the Divine within my heart.’ — Rumi

    This is a message I received while meditating in Khajuraho, India, a world heritage site with many beautiful, old and sacred temples.

    I am Life. Yes, throughout all ages men have wanted to reach God, touch the divine, and feel their purpose and fulfilment.

    Some have seen and understood, and yet the masses have been seduced into following and giving their divinity and power to others, called to worship in temples made by hands and give of their sustenance to leaders, many of whom were not interested in sharing these gifts with those who needed them, and many religions have been born. Stories and parables have been created as signposts for true seekers to find.

    They hold many truths and also many falsehoods, created sometimes in error, when passing the message and sometimes by design, seeking power, riches and glory, rather than truth. Many beautiful buildings, though hollow edifices made of cold stone; yet often also symbols and pictures, there for the true seekers to see.

    Yet you are the temple of God, or of Life. The very spark of life is entrusted to you, beating within every cell of your body. Yes, the entire universe is within you. Everything in the outer world is recorded in the universe of every cell of your being. Rejoice—you are the being of God.

    Now many, sadly, have turned the meaning of that word and it has been buried under the prejudice created by false gods and false delusions of a wrathful, angry, judgemental deity whose pleasure is to punish the wicked. But can you find that truth inside your beautiful beating heart? The life-giving joy that can erupt within you after the throwing off of the shackles of guilt—that guilt was put there by those seeking to control you, to keep you in bondage and blind to the truth. God is Love, is Light, Is Life.

    Feel the power of that life within. And know that the whole of you is pulsing with the vibrations of the entire cosmos that nothing can destroy, the energy of that Love itself—which continues long after the earthly vehicle and the illusion, even of a physical temple, has crumbled into the death of the ages.

    Look deep inside. Connect with that Eternal Being, which is You and Life itself—and Live.


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