The Voices in Our Heads
October 25, 2016

Section 1 Understanding Your Spacecraft


personal-truthWe are not human beings in search of a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings immersed in a human experience.’ –Wayne W. Dyer


 Now before we fly off in earnest, I must share an important point with you. The things I am about to share are not ultimate truths and in fact, for you, may or may not be true or false. For me, they are my truths and many empowering beliefs that are honed, and are working well on my journey. Please weigh each of them in the centre of your own heart. If they feel true and work for you, then please feel free to adopt those that work; if not, I am sure you can find and embrace your own truths, those that will inspire and speed your journey. I don’t feel there are any ultimate blacks and whites; rather, just beautifully coloured worlds for us to explore and enjoy on our voyages here.


Driving Your Vehicle—What Is in Control?


‘If you correct your mind, the rest of your life will fall into place.’ – Lao Tzu


How would it feel if the vehicle you were driving suddenly developed a mind of its own and turned in many opposite directions and down roads that you weren’t choosing? Driven by an autopilot, mostly out of your control.

ControlWould you sit patiently and watch?

Would you attempt to wrest back control?

Would you see if you could jump out?

Would you struggle for a while and then eventually give up, and just fall asleep in frustration and despair?

Or, maybe you’d slam on the brakes, search for the manual, or find help to get it fixed?

To wake up in what is an amazing organic spacecraft, realising there is little or very limited control and no manual—this can be very frustrating and a frightening experience, which could be why many people are content to drift on in whatever direction the craft is heading.

This amazing craft, five trillion living parts, working in community as one! It’s a powerhouse of energy, light, and life! There are thousands of separate systems and controls. They are, in most cases, working well together and for the greater good of the entire body.

Waking from some kind of hyper-sleep state drifting in and out of consciousness, I discovered that some of the systems, especially guidance and direction, have been hijacked and reprogrammed by others, rather than by the maker. Some of the gauges  have also got stuck in flight, limiting levels of happiness, wealth, and success. These are often set at far different levels than I would like.


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