My Journey
October 27, 2016



IntroductionDid you realise we are flying on our journey here in an amazing spacecraft? We land here on this earth, in our body, a spacecraft perfectly fit for our survival here. Initially, we don’t have a clue about who or what we are. By the time understanding is starting to form, our thought patterns, reactions, and habits have already been programmed by others—our DNA, our parents, our religions, our schools, the media, and so many other external influences. Many of these thought patterns are frequently compounded by the often-flawed decisions, and the meanings we have made about events we have experienced. To top it off, when we start to wake up, we discover there is no user manual or guidebook to help us on our journey, and we don’t even know whom we can trust to ask questions along the way.

The following lessons, messages, and thoughts are ideas and tips that have been accumulated in my life—a journey full of experiences, and a study of some of the wise souls and thought leaders who have featured in my growth. It has got to a point where all the wisdom I have accumulated has to come bubbling out from a wellspring of spirit deep within. I’d like to share some of this with you in the hope that even a few of the words, learnings, and ideas can become a source of direction, inspiration, and guidance. Join me as we ‘Fly Back to Love’ together.

Following are some more details and a brief story of my life to help you understand my journey. If you’d rather, feel free to skip this and proceed to the first chapter: Understanding Your Spacecraft.


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Lets Move On To : My Journey 

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