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    How to use this Book


    big-librariesFeel free to read it straight through or browse at will. This is a manual and guidebook for life’s journey, and like any manual or guidebook there will be ideas you are already familiar with – lessons you have learned. So please feel free to skip around and browse for the posts which most appeal to you. Rather than the conventional chapters of a novel, this book is arranged in sections and individual posts or topics. Each topic is complete in itself, and the sections follow a general flow and path.

    You may also choose to use the index and #Keywords lists. (The #KeyWords list covers the main subjects of each particular topic/post, whereas the Index includes many of the words used in the text.) These can help you follow a path through areas that are of particular interest, or where you are currently opening to growth. Maybe at times you can just set an intention and flip open a page to see where Spirit will take you.

    It often seems that with further reading, the contents of books have changed over time. However, it is just as we grow, that deeper lessons continue to unfold. So come back to the book from time to time and see what speaks to you then. Continual learning keeps us growing and alive!

    At the end of each section are some questions from the ‘What If Game.’ This game gives you the chance to dream and explore the possibilities and outcomes that may arise when you answer its questions. It can prompt ideas and answers and help visualise what may happen if you follow a particular path or make different choices—all without risk. If you like, listen to the answers that come, and where these questions and thoughts lead. You may then want to explore, make any changes or build affirmations and actions to create and manifest these new realities.

    Once upon a time, we all played games. Then they were real to us! After that, someone said, we had to grow up!

    Even rereading some of the areas that seem basic can often uncover deeper insights and paint our understanding in richer colours.

    I look forward to sharing this journey with you.


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