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October 21, 2016
Are You Making Your Own Decisions?
October 21, 2016

 Do You Believe That You Can Fly?


Self Confidence‘It’s impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all. In which case, you’ve failed by default.’ – J. K. Rowling


Too many pilots have lost the confidence to fly. A one-time crash, or a flight instructor’s demeaning attitude has left them with the belief that taking off again is just not for them. Goals and dreams have been abandoned either forever, or put on long-term hold, because of the realisation that it would take a flight to reach them. Deep down there is a nagging fear of failure. This leaves too many potentially great pilots working as ground crew, having lost, or maybe never found the belief that they could fly.

The trouble is, you are in a spacecraft that is designed to fly high, and you are stuck on the ground. If you are still afraid to take the controls, or running on autopilot and just coasting above the ground, then it’s going to be a pretty uneventful and miserable ride through life.

Failed self-confidence, knocks, and crashes—or the programming that you are just not good enough—has left too many of us afraid to dream mainly because of fears, or for ‘protection’ from further failures.

In worst cases, some people can even be afraid to step out of their houses. For many folks, it has become close to difficult—or verging on impossible—to make any kind of changes or decisions. Whether it’s an unsatisfying job, a failed relationship, or just stretching to make that dream holiday happen, it becomes too easy to rest in mediocrity. Numerous fears can hold us captive and firmly on the ground in a rusting spacecraft that was once designed to fly.

Never fear though, as it is always possible to get the craft flying again! Write some new programmes, replace the fuel, and take off towards your destiny. We are designed to fly high! It just takes some adjustment of that autopilot, refuelling with good, clean and fresh fuel, a bit of retraining, and we can all be on our exciting flight back to Love and loving every moment.

The majesty of choice is ours! I firmly believe there is no dream that can enter the heart of man, without Spirit or Love, also being able to make a way to help us fulfil it. We only have to do our part and make those first steps in preparing our craft, waiting for that first surge of power, and then following the directions from our ultimate guidance systems. Homing beacons and mission control can then help us through the route and to fly onwards to the destiny of our choice.

Self-confidence, Self-love, Belief, and Faith are some of the steps to flying again. We will cover how to find and grow these in the next chapters.


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