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October 19, 2016
The Book



AcknowledgementsIn gratitude, I stand on the shoulders of giants. Those that have gone before—their learnings and wisdom passed down throughout the ages and generations, through great leaders, prophets, teachers, authors and storytellers and onwards in time, finally reaching us. I believe it is a part of our destiny to live and refine those truths for our modern age and then to pass them on.

I have benefitted and have learned from so many. It would be difficult to name all the influencers—from the hundreds of books I have read; audiotapes listened to, videos watched, and courses, workshops and webinars attended. You will see many of them mentioned throughout the book and especially in the ‘My Journey’ section.

I would especially like to thank my parents, past wives and my children for the moments of joy, connection and Love. Also for the tough moments, lessons, and growth created from so many interactions. It is the hard times and the failures that also make us what we are and often compound the learnings Life has for us.

All these experiences have been drawn on and helped produce the beliefs and insights shared in this book. Sometimes too it can be the dandy bad examples we have seen or been, that help us to grow!

So first I’d like to thank Life and Spirit for all the Love and beauty brought, and also for the wisdom that has been produced through the times of Life’s fascinating anvil and purging fires.

I’d especially like to thank Rose O’Mahony for her dedication, questions and helping ideas that have flowed into some of the topics covered, and our funny agreements and disagreements on the punctuation. Also Alison Jones from Tell Your Story for some ideas shared and tweaks to the content, and finally, the team at Xlibris for their work on the final production and publication.


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