Anyone ever hunted for elk in that area or have advice for hunting elk in Ontario?

I almost hit a bull on an old logging road this evening. WMU  AVT  1ST APP %   2018 AVT RECOMMENDATION    PROJECTED HARVEST                                                                                                                                             RATE% You weren’t kidding about moose! I bought a cabin/cottage a little while ago in WMU 63a. Have lots of work to do to catch up after covid. 64A – 1400    66%                                        1600                                                            29.4% Most of my hunting is done with a crossbow, but I do hunt during the rifle and muzzleloader seasons too. For detailed information on WMU boundaries and Wildlife Management Areas, Press J to jump to the feed.

63A    1500 Saw a miles Other Public Lands Area: 81.3 sq. Hunting in Québec 2020-2022 Page 1 of 2 White -Tailed deer - Hunting seasons Species/ Gear Zones where hunting is permitted Hunting seasons 2020 WMU AVT 1ST APP % 2018 AVT RECOMMENDATION PROJECTED HARVEST RATE% 63A – 1500 35 63B – 500 43% 700 35% 64A – 1400 66 % 1600 29.4% 64B – … © 2017 - All Rights Reserved. The recommendations put forth by the EODAC were …. white lake/ burnstown/ calabogie area. 64B      215 purchasing hunting property in 63A. 69B       350. Check, Eastern Ontario Youth Hunt Collaborative Lanark – 2019, Eastern Ontario Youth Hunt Collaborative Kingston – 2019, MNRF Annual work schedule for Mazinaw and Lanark forest area 2019/20, The 21-Day Rule for Camping on Crown Land, Invasive Species Legislation Receives Royal Assent, Algonquin Land Claim – Draft Environmental Evaluation Report, 2017 Eastern Ontario Youth Hunting Collaborative, Contribution of Dogs to White-Tailed Deer Hunting Success. You weren’t kidding about moose! It's located right near 300 acres of mountainous Crown land that is mostly hardwoods. Saw a cow elk about 2km away through the binos while out scouting, though! How Ontario manages wildlife to support healthy ecosystems. 63B      500 The Antlerless allocations have been released for the Kemptville district Gun season, no change from 2017. No better way to find how they move than during the Rut...would be a waste not trying out the some new areas if you can. I got snake eyes this year.
65        3000 Depending on weather, take 1/2 day hunts to explore and stalk. 64B –  215      34%                                          300                                                            24.6% 69B  –  350     100%                                         350                                                                7% Sign up for the Ontario OUT of DOORS Newsletter. Just drew a bull elk tag for WMU 63A here in Ontario.

Talk to little old ladies with apple trees. 63A – 1500    35%                                       1600                                                             26% It's located right near 300 acres of mountainous Crown land that is mostly hardwoods.

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I hear that it can be tough to find land with elk on it. This subreddit was created to be a companion to the /r/Hunting subreddit, and to give Canadian hunters a space all of their own to discuss those things that pertain particularly to the Canadian hunting experience. For all WMU’S  including Bow Allocations, follow this link, Due to COVID-19, the OFAH has modified operations. Maybe if you’re on the north side of it you might get lucky? 66A  –  600     41%                                          600                                                             22% That’s my WMU - deer and moose are decently abundant there... as are black bear; but I’ve been hunting every year up there for the last 8 years (and visiting regularly year round - the cottage is up there) - I’ve never seen an elk, or heard of anyone seeing one, at least in my particular area of that WMU. More posts from the CanadaHunting community. Here's to next year. 63B –  500     43%                                          700                                                             35%
I bought a cabin/cottage a little while ago in WMU 63a. Sustainable wildlife management The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry manages Ontario’s natural resources and wildlife on behalf of all Ontarians. WMU boundaries are roads, lakes, rivers and other physical features wherever possible. 67          800 There are a couple of streams at the bottom of steep ravines, some small lakes, and a wet, marshy area, but mostly the area is a mountain covered in maples and a few oaks from what I've seen so far. I generally hunt solo or with one other person. miles Game Land Area: 87.2 sq. I almost hit a bull on an old logging road this evening. There is a lot of other Crown land very close by, but I have not explored these lands at all yet - I will do that starting next year. Need tips for big woods deer hunting in mountainous terrain,, If this is your first visit, you will need to. 64A    1400

66A       600 Powered by vBulletin® Version 4.2.3 Copyright © 2020 vBulletin Solutions, Inc. All rights reserved. All are welcome, of course, but topics with a Canadian tilt will be the main focus. 67  –    800      24%                                        1000                                                             41% For many roads and rivers, only the portions that form WMU boundaries are shown on the map.

MNRF did not take into account any recommendations from the Eastern Ontario Deer Advisory Committee. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Just drew a bull elk tag for WMU 63A here in Ontario. 65  –  3000     69%                                        4000                                                             22% Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. WMU 63 has a spring season but no fall season, it is listed at 63 and not 63A/63B, this zone is a fringe zone, do not expect to shoot females out of that zone for a … Anyone ever hunted for elk in that area or have advice for hunting elk in Ontario? Ive searched all of the forums and reached out to a couple members, just hoping to get some more feedback on the area. WMU 3A View interactive map Wildlife Management Unit 3A Total Area: 1,508.4 sq. No doe, moose or elk.

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