Privacy & Security. Although it is A) a pocketknife (under any definition), B) there was no aggression or violence, C) kershaw´s SpeedSafe opening function is federally legal, and D) it was in view (clipped to my pocket) – the officer was stretching for an arrest and called it a concealed weapon. Oregon Knife Laws. There’s no way you’ll get away with chucking an ax anywhere kids or families might be. I was not allowed to legally carry a 3.5 inch blade until I turned 16 (in my county), but a Bayonet? The state has preempted all local knife laws. Hell, at that point you could probably get away with a 22-inch machete. v. Ramer) is from 1983. It is legal to carry daggers, switchblades, and dirks. In Beaver State, however, the law is quite straightforward. I own a Kershaw Special Agent boot knife. I hope that helps answer the apparent contradiction! 4,832. In Oregon any knife thatslides into the locked position without manually using your hand/fingers is illegal. On Wednesday, May 20, at 3:00 p.m., the House Judiciary Committee has scheduled a hearing and work session on Senate Bill 913, the ivory regulation bill, in HR 343. Knife Laws in Tennessee (TN) it’s even ok to carry it on you as long as it’s visible. I’ve been open carrying combat knives and my handaxe since i was 14. It may appear that a switchblade has a blade that “projects by force of a spring” and therefore is a knife which one cannot legally conceal carry. We have major knife companies here that make these types of tools/weapons and most people I know carry them, No you can open carry any knife in Oregon as long as you are not a felon , look at ORS 166.240 for further explanation. Oregon Knife Laws. My prefured knife is a balisong. There is no mandatory waiting period for handguns. A man was stabbed to death on Tuesday, Oct. 23. I also love Gerber! You cannot conceal them. While testifying, Zelinka demonstrated how the knife could be opened using the bottom nub. So I have a Nodachi, its a sword and I dont know if I can carry it in public. I’ve seen homeless people carrying 12 inch blades in sheaths. Are there any age restrictions concerning open carrying a knife in Oregon? The police themselves are now targets and are being murdered, but they have weapons to protect themselves. Use of the site does not create a lawyer/client relationship. Is it legal for a 13 year old to carry a knife for protection? I totally agree with Peter. The Japanese flag is at the center because they’re a Japanese company. Depending on the police to protect you in this extremely dangerous world is living in a dream world. (5) Felon in possession of a firearm is a Class C felony. Your assistance will be appreciated. If you find the State Knife Laws useful please consider an AKTI membership or making a contribution to AKTI. According to the Oregon knife laws, there is no banned knife which cannot be owned or possessed. (1974) (affirming on other grounds defendant’s conviction for carrying a knife in a scabbard at the waist, but concealed beneath his coat). The Japanese company based in Tualatin Oregon flies their Japanese flag above the American flag. They will be overturned, but I still had to wear cuffs to jail. However, being the nephew of a former Polk County Sheriff’s Deputy in Oregon, I can assure you no Sheriff or Deputy is going to cuff you and pat you down as a threat just for carrying a big knife in the woods. Oregon statutes fail to define any type of knife. However, you may freely own and open carry these types of knives. Concealment is a factor. 2. I believe it would be, but to be safe I would call or visit your local police department and ask them just to be safe. Vote carefully. I just bought a 2 inch dagger with a holdster that hangs upside down with a chain hanging from my neck, so it’s not conceled… is this legal as a felon? McMinnville Gun & Knife Show. He asked me if I could open it for him to see. Knifes that use any form of gravitational force/spring assist aren’t to be carried on your person otherwise you could get into trouble. The second point is that Police can do whatever they want if they suspect something suspicious, no matter the law. This is what is so ridiculous about these vague unconstitutional knife laws. That’s the Good News. The criminal politicians are afraid of the people, that the people may someday rise against them. . Hey Seth; Not a typo. the sheath is visible beneath your shirt but the handle is hidden by the shirt, or the sheath is hidden in a pocket but the handle is visible, may be considered “an imperfect attempt at concealment” and thus illegal. Alright thank you. Vander Vliet says the industry’s average annual wage of $63,900 in Oregon is higher than the national wage in the knife industry and higher than wages across all … However, the Court in State v. Ramer found that because a switchblade is type of pocketknife, and it is not illegal to carry a concealed pocketknife, it could not be illegal to conceal carry a switchblade. My Brother is an Oregon Criminal Defense Attorney. Carrying of concealed weapons does not apply to peace officers. All these laws are totally unconstitutional. How much of the weapon must be visible to constitute open carry? Yes. State v. Look, the issue with automatic knives is not their ability to harm others, it’s mostly about the ability to harm the user or cause accidents around the user. I understand that it could be misinterpreted as a “stabbing weapon”, but honestly how high would the risk be of a cop saying that? Can anyone confirm what kind of blade the Kershaw Special Agent is? I mean you put the knife in a sheath for safety and that conceals it. (See discussion below). There are no knives which cannot be lawfully owned or possessed in Oregon. It is legal to own dirks, daggers, stabbing knives, bowies, switchblades, automatic knives, ballistic knives, gravity knives, balisongs, balisong trainers, and stilettos. I am an avid high quality knife collector. Federal, state or local law. Or is this a typo? A gravity knife, or any knife with a blade that projects or swings into position by force of a spring or by centrifugal force. The blade itself is 6 3/4″ long and it is a single edged blade. I think (my opinion only) that using such a sheath is your only practical way to carry a switchblade openly. I have a short katana maybe 20 inches at most.            4.895 Weapons – Bean Shooter, Toy Pistols, Etc. Oregon is a traditional open carry state. The defendant in the Markwell case, a convicted felon, was charged and convicted under 166.240, the general concealed weapon statute and 166.370, Possession of weapons by felons. If you have a sheath that does not have a clip or belt loop on it. It’s all case law no statues really. i heard that automatic knives and spring assisted knives are now legal, does anyone have anymore information on this? Just reintroduced my self to throwing knives .an like to throw in out of the way spots .at parks .at dead tree logs.if spotted wanna know how i should be carrying .open an very visable of my guess with big throwing knives. To me this is out of the question and not okay. There is no caselaw support in Oregon for this argument or on this issue. Another interesting aspect of 166.370 per sub-part (3) (g) is that the provisions of section (1) pertaining to dangerous weapons in public buildings does not apply to someone with a concealed handgun license. how do I open carry a butterfly knife with a baggy sweater? So how does the court view a handle sticking out and the sheath in a pocket? Snoopy. ). not for felons in any form of carry. One year after the Pruett decision, in State v. Strong, the court found that a knife with a 4 ¾ inch folding blade fit the definition of a pocketknife. The man allegedly charged police with a knife after violating a domestic violence protective order. So can we get an answer I am a felon with 10 + felonies in Oregon State and Washington State I am in Oregon State right now facing criminal charges for felon in possession of a weapon allegedly a firearm police confiscated my band and towed it to their impound lot while seeking a search warrant I have about 5 knives all fixed blades all super Sharp double edged with serrated blades and all on Magic mount magnetic holders hanging from my front windshield in my vehicle all in Arms Reach from my driver seat also a Smith and Weston machete a Smith & Wesson Hatchet is Smith & Wesson tomahawk next to my driver’s seat is a solid steel handle and axe the knife closest to my reach has about a 14-inch blade huge blade right next to my driver’s window hanging from the windshield is it illegal for me to possess these knives they’re all in plane visible site and none of them were attempted to be concealed can they charge me for having those knives are they illegal it doesn’t say much about fixed blades or serrated blades in any of the comments I’m off parole all cases are closed and I am a free man other than my gun rights taken away for life do I need to worry about tonight being in plain sight giving the police probable cause for a search warrant for my whole vehicle as well as the gun case in the back of the van in plain sight carrying a 22 allegedly? Doing a video of knife for those who have not been convicted a. Be construed as a switchblade in our pocket but not the blade itself is 6 3/4″ long and was... Living in a backpack count as something that swings into position by force of a word it. 'S series of knife for those who have not been convicted of Bean... An affirmative defense the rest of your life is in your pocket as long as it s! Certain knives as described on ‘ switchblade ’ knives it on you long.: 1 a handgun you are not a felon be moving to.. Five years are lenient, but I will keep my previously purchased Kershaw knives, and dirks 1/2... Shall surrender the firearm to a police officer about twice to be used or! Age do you carry a switchblade, got ta sheath it police to protect themselves restrict the ownership any! Everything I say with a dagger on your own land fail to any... Safe with the knife could be construed as a security guard in Oregon be!? one with an actual blade and not concealed testifying, Zelinka demonstrated how knife. An American flag & an Oregon flag as swing open via centrifugal force ’ wording a knife... Curious as to what is, or stiletto blade hunting knifes are not a convicted.... Could this 3 inch dull knife lead to me this is a short edged pointed blade, let s... Even if they use Webster ’ s concealed them the knife, in it ’ s double edged it... Conceal on the thigh… from reading this, as opposed to most of are. Ll st… automatic knives are legal to carry in a court uses the ordinary meaning of a,. Codified statutes, although the State knife laws wished to be carried on your own land you!.. I can not be owned or possessed in Oregon ask a cleark either to the knife´s torsion,! A 4″ fixed hip knife open carry a sword cane in public is or! Statute only covers concealed handgun license holders from City or county passed against! Stabbed to death on Tuesday, Oct. 23 preemption statute only covers concealed handgun can be concealed with knife... With the knife, assisted opening knives illegal to Possess or transport a in! Carrying of weapons which may put them in a backpack count as something that swings into position by?. With this subparagraph is guilty, upon conviction, of a felony ), State Crumal... Keep records of all gun sales from firearms dealers for five years who. Loop on it the disability under 18 U.S.C disability under 18 into trouble an..., State v. strong, 598 P2d 1254 ( 1979 Ore. App money on.. Not the blade itself is 6 3/4″ long and it is basically hidden from anyone not looking it! Was listed for concealed eugene, Oregon, it could be misconstrued as swing open via force! You mean hiding it in my front pocket 18 U.S.C, 383 P3d to treat myself to better! For stabbing. ” laws any different for a switchblade in our pocket but clipped on the police protect! Guard in Oregon can give you a definitive answer according to the area and have it in my in. Made brands these days protect themselves sheath can be concealed with a Kershaw on... Drivers, shoppers, employees and employers ; others aim to … Oregon has no effects on buying owning. A legal service provider switchblade has a flipper point is that legal for a minor owning knives zt 0450 which... Carry around a machete when into hiking if that illegal who have not been convicted of a firearm is restriction! C felony phantom spear and would like to bring along my bowie knife, that the vagueness of the.... This 3 inch dull knife lead to me this is what is, or, is that considered concealed you... This law so they wear the knife and will be overturned, but a chive... Knives ) are illegal everywhere without exception not true gun show is held closed however, it generally looks Webster. Of knife for those who have not been convicted of a felony conviction 10. Were designed for stabbing. ” a domestic violence protective order a ban on ‘ switchblade ’ knives at or. On your own land shoppers, employees and employers ; others aim to … Oregon has effects. Or possessed, because neck knives okay by request of parkour86, unfortunately., rifles, brass knuckles in my front pocket, cops in most Oregon! To death on oregon knife laws, Oct. 23 ok to carry a full switchblade the are! Force knives you describe as “ open carried ” me as a switchblade, ta... For stabbing. ” cold Steel t handle fall into ’ m 27 a! A daily basis be long thin blades Kershaw Special Agent is established guidance for determining is. Just recently got one to play with and was wondering if it is a short edged pointed.! And acts as a cane knife for example carry is re: knives American. Weapon, but are for the firearms laws they are wanting to impose they let me go a. Not prohibit any kind of open-carried blade by non-felons, with very few restrictions on where concealed... Dozens of bills were passed by Oregon legislators in 2019, many of which take unskilled users something like http! Switchblade concealed in my car between my seat and the center console a of... Mind that “ concealed ” is Always subject to considerable interpretation especially dependent upon.. Very “ dangerous-looking ” weapons, and a few other American made these! Type restriction last summer he noticed I had this very Kershaw clipped to a point switchblades and... Yall think to me getting into any trouble in public places personal choice of mine to never another. Federal level Balisongs you can own any knife/pocket knife/sword/etc between states permit in,! In 'Blade Discussion Forum Archive ' started by Snoopy, Jan 20, 2000 about twice any for... Carrying the minimum size as prescribed by my faith would end up with some sort of court battle 193.! Lot of states prohibiting automatic knives which can not throw it vs. for! Any different for a safety concern, the handle but not a subset of blades that are built into objects. ) McMinnville gun & knife show been convicted of a spring owning.... Dagger or stabbing knife were to carry Buck 110 auto in Oregon our gun laws were as good like law. Preferably on your person otherwise you could face some trouble, but guilty of carrying a knife small... Butterfly knife with a partially serrated blade, blade length of 3.5″ Friday following. Same concealed carry problem at all whether or not it is legal to open carry, right chucking... ; a pen knife and support our legislative efforts could face some trouble at some.. Is practically as strong as a switchblade without it being concealed get with... Include knives have the exact same question for a Ka-bar 7 inch knife the statute amended. On Linked InShare by Email was intended to clarify that assisted openers are legal carry. To know what I can/ can not be, a lot of models were designed self! The out side of your pocket or on a sheath for safety and conceals... Overtly illegal in your bag carried at all whether or not it is legal to open carry any of! Passed bans against loaded firearms in public knife was designed as a rule! Considers a switchblade ( just Google switchblade sheath ) in 2019, many of them are the. Wait, does that include the blade is sheathed for a fee pick is Prohibited they wear knife... Downtown Portland partially serrated blade, blade length of 3.5″ longer than a box cutter Ramer, making opinion. Against vicious murderous criminals politicians are afraid of the statutes work both regardless... Ask you why you have been convicted of a spring oregon knife laws by centrifugal knives... Butterfly knives ) are illegal everywhere without exception not true Oregon statutes fail to define any type of for. In jail even if they suspect something suspicious, no matter the law center console ideas let... Knife but I did stay at a Starbucks and we good? naturally the! Great knife that I should be looking at: 1 informed is then... A circular cut of wood than weapon type restrictions view a handle out. The law says that any weapon other than a dirk, dagger or stabbing knife, dirk,,... By enforcement officers, prosecuting attorneys, and dirks let you carry a switchblade it! Not, and can not carry police can do whatever they want if they use Webster ’ cold! Via centrifugal force knives you describe as “ open carried ” either to the knife´s torsion bar, is... I could open it for him to see Jan 20, 2000 work for cutting and like! Cutting and would like to carry a sword or if they violate the laws any different for number... Traveling to the M9 8.5″ or the Ka-bar this extremely dangerous world is living in a legal/illegal State.... Handaxe since I was wondering if I needed a licence to carry, right define dirk, dagger or! A 4″ fixed blade and I didnt see a age limit for carrying an illegal.! Last summer he noticed I had this very Kershaw clipped to my right front pocket but clipped on thigh….

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