Weekly Fic Rec: Two Seat Sofa, Hensta Light Brown by Ilyone, whatthefoucault, Weekly Fic Rec: Dead In A Week (or your money back) by roe87, Fic: can salt taint sea-flowers, grief, happiness? Tags: Alternate Universe – Modern Setting, Alternate Universe – No Powers, Alternate Universe – Stripper/Exotic Dancer, Strippers & Strip Clubs, Stripper Bucky Barnes, Alternate Universe – Sugar Daddy, Sugar Daddy, Age Difference, First Meetings, Post-Serum Steve Rogers, Bearded Steve Rogers, Sugar Daddy Steve Rogers, sugar baby bucky barnes, Dancer Bucky Barnes, Actor Bucky Barnes, Sassy Bucky Barnes, Dramatic Bucky Barnes, Gay Bucky Barnes, Lapdance, Strip Tease, Hook-Up, Top Steve Rogers, Bottom Bucky Barnes, Long-Haired Bucky Barnes, Humor, Dating, Fluff, Protective Steve Rogers, Rich Steve Rogers, Daddy Kink, Mild Kink, Bisexual Steve Rogers, Past Relationship(s), Past Peggy Carter/Steve Rogers, Divorce, Minor Carol Danvers/Maria Rambeau, Dyslexia, Dyslexic Bucky Barnes, Romantic Fluff, Romantic Comedy, Hopeful Ending, Happy Ending. The art is lovely too! this one is a really funny read, with a very cute ending. Steve’s face is… well, it’s very red, and Bucky would think about how endearing it is if he weren’t losing his mind on his own part, drowning in all kinds of scary feelings as he waits for something, anything, just not this torturous silence. Both of them helplessly, hopelessly in love with all the wrong people. Captain America Steve Rogers/Modern Bucky Barnes. In fact, that’s all he’s been doing. For Bottom Bucky Bingo squares: meet ugly, enemies to lovers, and identity porn. Steve is definitely Not Okay here, but at least he has a home to go to, as soon as he dares to do so. “She stood me up.”, Bucky stares at him. Stucky Fic Rec. There are few people who understand this better than Bucky Barnes. Kids didn’t care how deep his programming ran, or if he’d chosen to take up with the enemy. Loving you is the Subjectively, he wanted his fucking cat back. There’s a beard too, covering a jaw that looks strong enough to sit on, and its white is peppered with bits of dark blond, which should look ridiculous but doesn’t. Not all of them are fic finding blogs but it will say so in the description. Prince Steven is expected to marry, but when his best friend, Bucky, tells him a secret, things change. “God, Steve, imagine if I (Or: A story about two heroes who hate each other. The balding agent he’d seen directing the raid was apparently affiliated with SHIELD, which was a shadowy government agency that made representatives from other shadowy government agencies suddenly remember urgent appointments when Bucky tried to bribe, threaten, and otherwise shake them down for information on what the hell SHIELD might want with a former brainwashed assassin. I really like the introspection and the way Bucky’s thought process is portrayed here. References to past-and-casual Steve/Thor. Still he lays in his bed for hours, wondering what exactly he would say to Bucky if he did follow Sam’s advice. In a world that he doesn’t recognize anymore, it’s easier to buy himself in his work than to face up to the ghosts of his past. “Billy, Buddy, or…?”, “Bucky,” Steve said, knowing who she meant. “Oh, you poor thing,” he says, scooping it up into one palm. Anis. The Queen, Sarah, knows everything. Bucky’s there to take care of him. Tags: Modern au, photographer/model meet cute, flirting.

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