And if you try to inject yourself into a conversation masquerading as an institutional brand or even a department, you’ll have a harder time generating meaningful conversations with prospects and admits than you would if they could associate a name and job title with your account. With Reddit ambassadors, you’re not looking to control the message or deliver propaganda through a third-party account. 800.876.1117. If you’ve identified an admissions-based subreddit, like the popular subreddit r/ApplyingToCollege, moderators can help with labels, called Flair, that are attached to your account, such as Verified Admissions Officer, which lends added credibility to your answers and contributions. Cameron Brenchley is the Founder and CEO of Final Draft Strategies, LLC, a communications and marketing consulting firm. And they aren’t shy about sharing those misgivings. Slate is published by The Slate Group, a Graham Holdings Company. Founding Director Alan Lightman is pictured on the center right. Reddit may be based on anonymity, but you’ll build more trust in less time using a verified name. It’s become more of a discussion.”. President Obama, Bill Gates, Madonna, and astronaut Scott Kelly (while Analysis sheds first light on youth voting trends, Students in great need of mental health support during pandemic, 10 strategies to support students and help them learn during the coronavirus crisis (opinion), Can These Colleges Be Saved? Geoff Keelan, a postdoctoral fellow at University of Western Ontario, posts on Reddit under the username CanadianHistorian. “Consider the questions you would hate to have come up and plan how would you answer them.” Youngson, who has helped several researchers on campus host Reddit AMAs around potentially emotional topics such as animal research, says preparing for difficult questions helps researchers and subject matter experts feel more at ease before the Q&A. Home › reddit for higher education. While they may be volunteers, moderators commonly hold significant power over the conversation within a subreddit, enforcing community standards and removing spam or unwarranted conversation. Despite my best efforts, higher ed administrators are still generally surprised at the size and scope of Reddit. of communities, endless conversation, and authentic human connection. If you’ve identified a subreddit dedicated to your institution, there’s a good chance that the moderators of that subreddit are alumni or current students. In Campus Sonar’s next research report, scheduled to release at year's end, we analyzed over 124,000 conversation mentions by prospective and admitted college students from 2016 to 2019 and saw a clear growth trend in conversation volume on forums generally, and Reddit specifically. Call 800.876.1117. Scientists in particular can find value in sharing their research, but AMAs can also be useful for all academic areas, school leadership, college athletes and coaches, as well as students who want to take questions on college life. He uses, the Facebook-like social network for academics, to connect with other scholars. This post originally appeared on LinkedIn. Keelan said he views the time he spends on Reddit as an extension of his more formal scholarly work, and he is not alone. Establishing a presence on Reddit is easy for individuals, but for organizations, Reddit is one of the trickiest social networks on which to self-promote. Whether you’re looking to contribute to the conversation in a topic-based subreddit, host an AMA or contribute to your own institution’s subreddit, there are several advantages to introducing yourself to a mod before you contribute to a channel. Photo courtesy of New College of the Humanities/Simon Jones. If you’re new to the world of Reddit, here’s a crash course: Reddit is an open community and discussion forum. 4: Build a coalition of the willing. One of the better examples of this comes from the University of Florida, where verified admissions officer u/FloridaGuy83 frequently answers prospective students' questions in a straightforward manner. A word of caution here. Be the first to know.Get our free daily newsletter. Contact Us Today. While Canadian higher education isn’t free, it is comparatively accessible. Photo illustration by Slate. Users can ask, answer and debate a wide variety of topics through focused communities called subreddits. All contents © 2020 The Slate Group LLC. Universities UK says it expected the number of people in employment with higher education qualifications to have risen from 28.7 per cent in 2002 to 51.3 per cent in 2022. I wonder if a place like Reddit, where people have conversations that range from goofing off to learning serious science, ... higher education will be quite different from the way it is today. master of New College of the Humanities. “We’re moving to a place at PLOS where we really want to see publication as just one stage of the discussion,” Costello said. The ties between UK higher education institutions and their EU counterparts will be strongly influenced by the outcome of the Brexit negotiations, particularly in terms of … AMAs have become one of Reddit’s signature features. This post originally appeared on Inside Higher Ed. Professional organizations such as the American Historical Association and the Modern Language Association are searching for ways to evaluate digital scholarship in tenure and promotion cases. Higher education institutions act as societal leaders in demonstrating paths to overcome climate challenges and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. At its worst, it’s a hotbed for inflammatory, distasteful and hurtful comments made by users empowered by the platform’s foundation of anonymity. Posts on Reddit aren’t subjected to algorithms like many social platforms; rather, comments and posts are curated by peer users through the use of up or down votes. Interacting with the public on Reddit may fall into that category. Since that post, I’ve found prospective students complaining about university websites, asking questions about the social atmosphere on campus, soliciting opinions about choosing between college options and everything in between. You’ll be rewarded in the end. University of Queensland student Robert Carrol participates in a surgery rotation at the Ochsner Clinical School in New Orleans. “The cool thing was that we were able to answer questions to a very broad audience,” Barlow said. Essentially, responses and opinions from fellow Redditors who are going through the same process or have done so recently are likely to carry significantly more weight than your post as an administrator. into breaking news, sports, TV fan theories, or a never-ending stream of the Education Insights Blog. Instead of trying to control that flow of traffic, the publisher recently began its own weekly AMA series—short for Ask Me Anything—in which journal article authors appear for a question-and-answer session with users in the Science subreddit. Harpswell Foundation students. Those numbers make Reddit the sixth-most-trafficked website in the United States, according to Alexa, ranking directly behind Facebook and ahead of popular and well-known sites like Wikipedia, Netflix, Twitter and ESPN. It’s organic conversation, and the second you appear to be avoiding questions, the community will jump on it.”. questions. Contact Us Today. Jump to the top. Much like you would turn over control of your Instagram account to current students, identify student and alumni ambassadors with active Reddit accounts and put them to work. 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