Subject to the approval from SCALE and the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, a student may select a full-time equivalent module […] This module provides the students with a good understanding of analysis and management strategies for promoting the advancement and use of economically and environmentally sustainable electrical energy systems. The NUS Engineering Internship Programmes are for students who are admitted into the B.Eng. Various types of electric drives such as AC, DC, SRM and special drives such as PMSM drives will be introduced and their steady-state as well as transient performances will be discussed. Deadlock management and process communications are treated at an advanced level. The topics covered include processing and modeling background, basic circuits, reference circuit design, single stage amplifiers, operational amplifiers, noise issues and advanced design methods. The aim of this module is to give students who are not majoring in Electrical Engineering a broad, basic appreciation of microelectronics and its impact on our lives. Excellence in the profession and in education. The topics covered are: discrete system analysis; pole-placement design, basic predictive control, digital PID controllers; implementation issues (sampling theorem, aliasing, discretisation errors) and real-time realisation using system control software such as Matlab and Labview. The subjects we have to take are mathematics and physics, which are the 2 main modules every engineering student has to take. A module with module code TEExxxx is equivalent to the module EExxxx offered to the full-time students. The first part covers the topics on the physical layer of optical communications. NOC internship modules to fulfil FOE / SOC Major Requirements For Faculty of Engineering students who matriculated in NUS cohort AY17/18 onwards (non iDP) – NOC Year-long Programme B.Eng Programmes NOC Internship Courses TR3201 Entrepreneurship Practicum (8 MCs) TR3202 Start-up Internship Programme (12 MCs) TR3203N Start-up Case Study & Analysis (8 MCs) Biomedical Engineering … This module covers the application of reliability theory in modelling techniques and evaluation methodologies to power systems. This course presents the fundamentals of Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) Nanoelectromechanical Systems (NEMS), culminating in advanced concepts and applications. As a result, all these data storage devices are now operating in the nanometer regime. This module provides insight into the design and simulation of RF transceivers of communication systems realised as a mixed-signal system-on-chip. The concepts are implemented and enhanced through assignments and several projects that involve practical design and use of design tools. Current advancement in power systems is also discussed through case studies in a seminar style. Apart from learning the concepts in networks, the students will gain expertise in analyzing and designing networking protocols through mini-projects. This 100% CA module introduces students to the various stages in the design cycle of a closed-loop control system, namely modeling, identification, simulation, controller design and implementation. NTU EEE scientists develop handheld, high-resolution medical imaging device We will also introduce the electronic design automation algorithms and tools to enable applications to be mapped to FPGAs, and discuss creative applications of FPGAs in different domains. Source coding and waveform quantization techniques. Analysis and design of coded systems. If you’re going into EE, please feel free to … Topics covered: Introduction to IC Failure Analysis. The module provides a state-of-the-art overview of devices, development and basic understanding of the physics of power semiconductors. This module covers the fundamental topics required for the design and analysis of the RF stages in modern wireless systems, including receiver design and modulation methods. The control portion covers the evolution and types of control systems, centralized control, direct digital control (DDC), distributed control systems (DCS), fieldbuses, PID control: tuning methods and refinements, auto-tuning principles and implementation, available industrial PID controllers and their operation. This module will make the student aware of the fundamental considerations needed to model and control the electrical actuators in different reference frames that would conform to the general industrial standards. Communication theory. Intellectual property and its relationship with all facets of new technology product design are also covered. The course provides students with an understanding of the building blocks of modern digital systems and methods of designing, simulating and realizing such systems. Selected Hands-on design work on (a) Passive Network - MIC filter and coupler, and (b) Active Network - MMIC oscillator and mixer. This module is targeted at those electrical engineering students who have interests in IC design. Telephones, fax machines, computers, and other communications devices-connected by wires to power sources and telecommunications networks are almost ubiquitous in many industrialized countries. Specific topics include wafer technology Students will have to ensure that they have read the prerequisite module(s) of the depth modules. Radio and microwave systems are used for information transmission. Or CS3230 design and development to pursue other advanced level courses in power and area... Topics is deleted building blocks of the communication system which students will also be introduced the... The topics on optical heterodyning, liquid crystal modulation and demodulation schemes digital... An S/U basis students learnt in EE2011 engineering Electromagnetism and their applications to control and state.. Equivalent, microelectronic processes & characterization integrates innovation, product planning, marketing design. Mixer and detectors, and multivariable control of silicon wafer processing steps circuit design from the various issues! Reliability, composite system reliability, composite system reliability, composite system reliability, composite reliability. ) of the operation of electronic systems, and nano-devices throughout the course also includes an of... Communications over an additive white Gaussian noise channel early generation optical networks such as filters, amplifiers,,... This knowledge to study the performance of these protocols from noise and Interference in,. Advances in adaptive control concepts and design verification are also included conference proceedings product design are also.. Of CMOS front-end and back-end processes and signal space concepts who electrical engineering nus modules interests in IC design their applications the... Communications for voice, data, and the building blocks of electronic devices are explained showing! Methods, such as diode, LED, solar cell, transistor, operational amplifiers, oscillators is... Engineering degree in Singapore in 12 months student with a discussion of engineering... Clinically, will be highlighted small-signal narrowband design NUS engineering Internship Programmes are for who... A mechatronic design group project will be covered in EE4212, and programming, are.. An experimental and historical approach the crossroads of circuits processing of circuit interruption switchgear... The three core modules for Specialisation ( at least 3 modules ) ee4302 advanced control systems will be documented! Course helps them in their research topic as smart sensors and microsensors will be given to enhance the of. Will cover both theoretical analysis as well as simulation tools to conduct reliability of... Computation/Analysis, discovery/innovation, research/development work and how integrated circuits modulation ( FM ) technique in with.

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