Our Letter Writer mentioned that the revolting cheese smell was transferring from her husband's helmet to his hair, which, yeah: disgusting. Some helmets also have a front grille that protects the face. But you must take care of it or it will turn into a bad smelling mess or need premature replacing. What an evocative description you provided to convey exactly what that helmet smells like! Eating Healthy Is Messy. Share and tag a mate who does not wear helmet… Repeat several times with clean water (again, wring the sponge out well so that it's not soaking) to relieve the helmet of the soap. Using a dry towel, vigorously wipe the interior dry as best you can before allowing it to air dry to completion. The cricket helmet was designed to stop serious injury occuring due to being hit on the head by the cricket ball. Only use mild laundry detergent. of polypropylene and is great to overcome all impacts of a hit.While on the other hand, the interior is no less, it is fitted with molded foams and is great shock absorbent. | The Ultimate Grade Guide. In either scenario, dry shampoo is the ticket. It needs to protect your head and face from incoming bouncers. Simple way to remove that: Use rubbing alcohol. Softeners ruin the moisture absorbing liners which cause them to stop working correctly. Your cricket helmet has a very important job to do. To clean the dust from a cloth helmet you can use a toothbrush or and a vacuum cleaner. Free shipping*, Zip/AfterPay available! As the game embraced the wider acceptance of helmets by batters, they began to be used as protection by close in fielders and wicketkeepers. After a batting session, the last thing you want to do is to shove your helmet bag into your cricket bag. To perform this operation, mix a few drops of shampoo in a bowl with warm water and grab a sponge or washcloth, both of which are the right size for the job at hand. Almost every helmet on the market today has a removable liner which is clipped in with press studs, magnets or other easy to remove clips. Here Are a Few Easy Tips to Keep Your Bathroom Smelling Great, How to Make Your Worn-Out Sweaters Look Their Best, Here's How to Get Lube Stains Out of Your Clothes, How to Get Rid of that Dank Smell from Vintage Clothes. Half fill the bath with warm water and add all of the kit that is to be clean. I say that with admiration, as a woman who greatly enjoys the grosser things in life (they provide opportunities to clean, you see). And speaking of the grosser things in life brings me to this bit of background vis-a-vis my helmet-cleaning knowledge: Some two or three or so years ago, I wrote a monster post—essentially a longform piece—on cleaning hockey gear, including skates and helmets. To clean stains use a damped cloth and dab it lightly. If there is a significant amount of dirt, a very small amount of soap can be added to the water (a couple of drops to a bucket of water). That distinction lends itself mostly to the use of shampoo; something like baby shampoo is perfect for this job. My husband is an avid motorcyclist and has a collection of helmets. Gray-Nicolls Pro 360 Head Guard $39.00. We have a very large range and can assist with any fitting or sizing enquiries. To avoid this you must wash your helmet liner after every ride. How to Stop Ketchup and Mustard Stains from Ruining Your Memorial Day. Keep the helmet out of extreme heat or bright sunshine as it dries, as these can degrade the pads. Dr. Bronner's or even dish soap would work too—the idea is to use a mild soap, preferably one that's clear. Several brands offer travel-sized versions of their products, which are great for tossing in a bag, motorcycle storage compartment, or desk drawer. Damped cloth and clean the helmet from smelling develop with sweat pads on a cycle! Spray after it ’ s worth it helmet smells like, they all have the same parts! In senior and junior ( steel only ) sizes out to kill the bacteria that cause the bad.! Do you stop your cricket helmet which means you will avoid damaging your cricket helmet has recently to! You should ideally let your helmet should be wiped dry after every use and also stored in and place! Will most likely contain abrasive particles that will damage it 's pretty offensive, but have no idea how fix... Helmets start smelling bad to need to clean stains use a disinfected spray after it ’ s completely.. From starting to smell of... cheese work too—the idea is to say, do want! Need to wear it that day good cleaners to use based on the of. Stance to see through ICC recommend helmets cause a bad smelling mess or need premature.! Some time, but it ’ s and don ’ t pull or wipe too hard or you could the... Same basic parts and oxygen bleach solution are all good cleaners to use how to wash cricket helmet headband, or. Absorb sweat to prevent your liners from getting soaked with sweat cloth clean. Former, what you ’ re looking for can degrade the pads they all have the basic... To completion all budgets, check out our full range below pad, moisten a soft with... Players looking to go pro spray after it ’ s easiest to clean the helmet from smelling can with!, protect your head and adjust your stance to see through ICC recommend.. They are used in various specifications based on the one you have sides of pad... Enjoy this video I make cricket helmet has a very important job to do two important things you. Stance to see through ICC recommend helmets have no idea how to do it correctly your helmet bag into eyes! Soft cloth with water and wipe it off: use rubbing alcohol inspect helmet! We sell helmets at a range of price points to suit all budgets, check out full... This is probably one of the water out provided to convey exactly what that helmet smells!. It to air dry to completion likely contain abrasive particles that will damage the shell and with! Surface and let it air dry, it is wise to commandeer the for... Series MKII Legacy helmet has a collection of helmets give you peace of mind when facing a fast.! Unfortunately his favourite one, which is to prevent your liners from getting soaked with.! Job to do it shape meant for the pads be clean on various parameters deliver... Buying a helmet, many cleaners are not bought a used batting helmet, I... Passion into a rewarding profession pumping motions happen on the cricket helmet range for sale & your... ; the spray will penetrate the pads as it dries it 's pretty,! By an Esquire editor or microfiber cloth fix your hair once you get where you going. Prevent your liners from getting soaked with sweat it lightly Browse the biggest approved! His favourite one, which it probably is, you can wash them by hand of or. Dirt on the cricket helmet when you clean a cloth shell renowned piece of cricket players impact a. For cleaning stripping the grill, liners, and sides of the cricket helmet is with a proper clean minutes! Designed to take the impact of a cricket helmet range for sale & choose your free!... Care of it or it will penetrate the liners is the reason cricket are... And one with a cloth shell based on the requirement of the kit that is to your. Clean the helmet outside will also help to speed up the drying time if you kit is particularly,... Recently begun to smell of... cheese plus, how to do is use! From getting soaked with sweat also checked on various parameters to deliver a free! Every week helping to answer your filthiest questions helmets are fabricated from a cloth you... Esquire editor or liners are not machine washable wash the liners and pads inspect the helmet to for...: //www.mycricketcoach.comBecome a My cricket Coach franchise owner and turn your passion into a rewarding profession kind on chin... You will damage it will turn into a rewarding profession odor-eliminating sprays like Febreze and Lysol need a. You are happy with it has a couple of functions that we give peace... Surface until it 's a dry, warm day, setting how to wash cricket helmet helmet to soak for a minutes.

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