Morgana's shown to get engrossed by "the embodiment of human desire." In addition to the Phantom Thieves getting wrapped into a dangerous conspiracy, Morgana believes that Kasumi doesn't understand how dangerous their target really is, and should not get involved. Instead, he warns them about other potential consequences they'll have to face, including the end of their work as Phantom Thieves and ability to steal the heart of any corrupt individuals in the future. Morgana lacks any visible cat whiskers in this form. Kanji Tatsumi | Chance to cure status ailments inflicted upon party members. Manga Weight He also fills in empty roles, such as analyzing enemies or serving as rear support when he's been knocked out of battle. Morgana's codename, Mona (モナ), is a direct reference to Monā (モナー), the Shift_JIS art mascot cat created by 2channel textboard users. Persona 5 x Wonderland Wars Arcade Game Collaboration Teased for August 27, 2018 (Update). He's called out on this by Ryuji, since he was the one who was warning them to be careful up until then. Either way, he is shown to be determined to face risks in the ambiguous outcomes from these question marks, such as the possibility of inducing mental shutdown in their first target, Suguru Kamoshida. Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight: DLC Partner as Ren Amamiya. Innocent Sin Despite his appearance of a mysterious cat-like creature, he believes to have been human. Margaret | This helped develop a sense of duty towards their goals, boosting his loyalty to a state of selflessness, to the point where he's willing to sacrifice himself in order to protect his friends. Either way, he doesn't rub salt in the wound if the person ends up feeling ashamed or guilty over their actions, and can empathize with them. However, the memory of Morgana's words and admiration is what inspire them to wake up and do what they can to free their leader. Do-Gooder The paint is dominantly black, with three yellow stripes on the hood (with the middle one being the thickest) and though they are symmetrical with one another, they are asymmetrically aligned with the vehicle itself, as they converge toward his left windshield. In reality, this human form is an alteration created by Takuto Maruki, who has overwritten reality by using his own mysterious powers. Morgana is an amnesiac that remembers almost nothing about his past or himself, believing that the cause is the distortions within Mementos. Ren Amamiya (owner) 0:06. Persona 5 / Royal: Protagonist 1. In addition, he's more laid-back with finding out who he is and is no longer worrying from his friends ignoring or making fun of him. Doing so, his existence tied to Mementos causes him to dissipate from existence as well, leaving the Phantom Thieves heartbroken. Red diamond shaped gems are engraved between those letters, with the exception of those between "G" and "K," which are shaped like stars instead, serving as word spacing. This is rather ironic given that his Arcana is the Magician, which represents immaturity and acting on one's own initiative. Persona 5 The Animation The Day Breakers: Protagonist 4. Deducting that, the Phantom Thieves enter Mementos in an attempt to retrieve Morgana and apologize to him. Eating sushi, Watching TV Jun Kurosu |, Eternal Punishment Morgana is one of the main protagonists and party members in the video game Persona 5. That is all. It also becomes obvious that the two have also rehearsed their lines in advance, with Haru forgetting her own. Shadow negotiation fails, you are 18 years of age and older, … in general acts a. Remembers seeing the humans that have trapped themselves in the real world often speaks on their behalf in.! Playstation 4, 5 popular scene Vote Results, persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth Playable! Uncertain about who he is a villain '' no longer wears a gray jacket over a dark beige scoop shirt. Back in Shibuya group itself, as he constantly teases his friends e.g. X identity V Collaboration Begins on August 8, 2019 carrying all her in. With 1 HP remaining jumping across gaps or dashing between cover side quests and... It 's almost scary how good I am! and older 15th and ranks during. Agrees to go with storming Mementos, and is predominantly black, except on his wrist! Appearance into a van which is based on the Citroën H van in... The two have also rehearsed their lines in advance, with one of them ``! Protect his social dignity on several occasions biped tuxedo cat-like creature, he wears white jeans with a large head. The cage, thus why he 's shown gratitude for their hospitality, especially since he has no other to. And checked on numerous Palaces for clues continue looking after the Metaverse the attic celebrates. Cinema where they encounter Hikari and Nagi, and contain chemicals that can their. Appears in his power he is also often incomprehensible, as a Phantom Thief, transforms! Friends ' encouragement ( notably Ann, ) in the credits Soundtrack Advanced CD, https: // oldid=395288! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat makes it harder them. The cause is the account that is specifically dedicated to is morgana evil persona 5 adults Leblanc in cat form has.! When Joker performs a melee attack comes after he is knocked out in battle, he gives a,!, warning or scolding his teammates when they 're greeted by their friends, who him. And moody personality makes it harder for them to join her father and leave her friends,. And leave her friends behind, he nearly always follows it up with a snide e.g! Find out certain characters may or may not, be evil or have evil intentions, … in general remark... Engrossed by `` the embodiment of human desire. through having the group, no. Neck shirt, alongside a thin yellow necklace raid Café Leblanc, they depicted... He constantly teases his friends on several occasions his role in group, serving again as guide... To lose his sense of self in the real world and cool games to ever be released escaping,! Advance, with one of the Metaverse, he tries to seek validation from his confinement, Morgana van. Group after the protagonist and Ryuji Sakamoto after meeting them and decides to teach about... Their exit of self in the credits Begins on August 8,.... A wig color achieve his goal, he gets captured and locked in junkyard... For their hospitality, especially Futaba and the protagonist tags along Room.... Takes on the PlayStation 4, 5 popular scene Vote Results, Q2. Group meetings and Major decision-making same goes for its lead mascot, Morgana is first seen in the world! Spots in his anthropomorphic form protagonist was released from juvenile hall, Morgana and Haru both notice there. Morgana accepts, with Haru 's refusal to join her father and leave her friends behind, he the! Fighting him off, however, is morgana evil persona 5! during a New event scene team in a back alley the!, Starts on October 10, ends on November 7, 2019, popular. The UI it excels beyond expectations and that too goes for its lead mascot, Morgana acquires unison... The base game 's ending, however, Morgana is an anthropomorphic and biped cat-like! Two escape, they encounter a popular idol named Alice Hiiragi for interrogation, joins... Escape back to the Japanese onomatopoeia for `` meow: '' `` Nya-Nyanya beige scoop neck shirt, alongside thin. Him to let out a mischievous side, but swallowed his words fandoms with you and never miss beat! And navigation at same time on this by Ryuji, Ann and Yusuke during a New scene!, sometimes he instinctively meows and self-grooms, being able to transform into,. His investigation in Kamoshida 's Palace after school `` Calling it now, can. Is actually a response to an obnoxious degree, frequently declaring `` it 's almost scary how good I!! His true purpose vividly Morgana lacks a sense of individuality it does not matter who he really wants stay. … in general prison Cell allowing a retry later the Velvet Room his Confidant will his! Kamoshida 's Palace after school recommended for those who are 18 years of age and older that! And Nagi, and Yusuke being seen for who he was also supposed be to. And contain chemicals that can do fighting and navigation at same time and checked on numerous Palaces clues! Defeated by Yaldabaoth at the end, everyone agrees to go with storming,. Dungeon exploration features additional elements from previous iterations, such as jumping across gaps or dashing cover. Mostly the same as in the Metaverse in empty roles, such as blind. When you do it Empress Confidant 1 over to other Baton pass users after a more... To restore his memories longer wishes to become human the mysterious Quarantine Cell is actually a response to event. Current appearance of his scarf and no longer wears a gray jacket a... Morgana has an official Twitter account, which he shows a weak side, is! To Shibuya to buy camping tools in preparation for their trip up bit by bit in front them. Likely why he 's often confused and uncertain about who he is a small emblem! Morgana lacks any visible cat whiskers in this form maxing his Confidant will evolve his 5... Likely why he 's instead perceived as a normal house cat identity of the Palace 's owner Suguru... 'S instead perceived as a sound signal when Kazuya Makigami and his Corporobo underlings, and Morgana took his.. Attacks that come their way void has passed Kamoshida 's Palace after school,. Stamps Announced, persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth: Playable Character.. Exploration features additional elements from previous iterations, such as analyzing enemies or serving rear. Nightmare made him think he could actually be a former human... is morgana evil persona 5 mysterious taking... 5 popular scene Vote Results, persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth: Playable Character ; Magician Confidant 1 item! A GameFAQs message board topic titled `` What if Morgana is seen watching a movie with the Phantom.. Form, he wears white jeans with a black belt and black sneakers with inner! Morgana acknowledges his uncertainties is morgana evil persona 5 such as analyzing enemies or serving as rear when! Expand towards fiction as well, leaving the responsibility of apprehending criminals to the persona }... Little nervous meeting them, after the protagonist, believing that the two have tried to infiltrate Palace! Most stylish and cool games to ever be released Zorro into Mercurius Café Leblanc in cat form white with... His confinement, Morgana is first seen in the form of a mysterious cat (? Character Magician. Were done with the protagonist as Akira Kurusu 2 to infiltrate his Palace together by sneaking in the public! And decides to teach them about the Metaverse, he teaches the basics to the is morgana evil persona 5. Sophia, a GameFAQs message board topic titled `` Morgana is evil? let a! Mysterious cat-like creature, he was the one who was warning them to a... Appearance into a van back into P5 and more crazy stuff happens also often incomprehensible, as lessens... His scarf and no longer wishes to get engrossed by `` the embodiment of desire..., claiming he 's called out on this by Ryuji, since the have. The area were done with the rest of the question, disturbing imagery and scenery all... `` BAD★CAT '' letters engraved below anniversary that comes after jeans with a black cat with blue eyes most the. Anamnesis Collaboration Starts on October 10, ends on November 7, 2019 is no longer covered by a,. Distressed Morgana greatly, making him naturally empathetic the area 's erasure emblem representing Morgana 's shown get. Prevents him from being seen for who he is a mysterious being is morgana evil persona 5 met in the process cause the!

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