Or that scientists have more detailed, more extensive maps of Mars than of our own oceans. by | Oct 20, 2020 | Uncategorized | 0 comments. To protect the algae, which are a main source of sustenance for the coral, the corals fluoresce. Images: Epic Wildlife (2), Manmak channel, sunwukimholio, Indoona (4), MBARI (2), Artisan Lane/YouTube; Mario Sánchez Bueno, Damien du Toit, TomoWorld, NOAA Photo Library /flickr. "The ocean is the largest solar energy collector on earth," according to NOAA. In 2002, scientists discovered an area in a remote part of the Pacific Ocean, partway between Baja California and Hawaii, where typically coastal great white sharks will migrate to in the winter. Thought to be a mere legend and not an actual animal, the Giant Squid was only recently discovered and captured by scientists in 2006. The ocean floor also has undissolved gold embedded in it, but it's not cost-effective to mine it. In 1997, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) captured one of the loudest sounds ever recorded, which they named "The Bloop." The facts around plastic pollution in the ocean and on the beaches are frankly insane and scary. In fact, 90 percent of all the volcanic activity on the planet happens in the ocean, and the largest known concentration of active volcanoes is in the South Pacific. Red sun at morning, sailors take warning.” But how about The best revenge might be living well, but that doesn't mean we can always turn the other cheek. Speaking of disturbing pet facts, dogs like squeaky toys because they mimic the screams of their prey. Scuba diving is one anxiety-inducing way to check out the features of the 1. A vast swath of the Pacific, twice the size of Texas, is full of a plastic stew that is entering the food chain. 16. The 10 rivers that contribute to 90 percent of ocean pollution are the Yangtze, Indus, Yellow, Hai He, Ganges, Pearl, Amur, Mekong, the Nile and the Niger. A big part of the problem: pollution. This expanse of ocean is 12,300 miles across, which is more than five times the diameter of the moon! Every year, shipping containers get lost in the ocean, and oil spills are unfortunately common. The total volume of this ocean stands at 292,131,000 cubic kilometers. 9. Shutterstock. It certainly takes an incredible animal to survive water pressure as high as eight tons per square inch, and these animals do it with an appearance that's just as brutal to match. However, if the ocean's gold were equally distributed among every person on earth, we'd each receive nine pounds of gold. The water released from these vents can be up to 400º Celsius (750º Fahrenheit). Area: about 140 million square miles (362 million sq km), or nearly 71% of the Earth's surface. This popular store is on the brink of bankruptcy. Research says mankind has managed to explore only 2-5% of the ocean, meanwhile we will put you through the 10 scary facts about the ocean you might not know. Only the female Black Dragonfish has the frightening appearance of an alien-like creature with razor-sharp teeth. Dairy Sea 400 years ago, legends about mysterious waters in the Indian Ocean, which turn whitish-blue … The latter of the two is staggering in size. The pressure at the bottom of the ocean is 1000X that of at the surface, yet things still actually live there. There's an internet connection in the ocean. Mar 11, 2018 - Explore Lindsey Ruffin's board "Scary ocean" on Pinterest. Nearly 100 percent of Earth's living space is in the ocean. Scientists say these toxins are causing obesity, infertility...and worse. All Rights Reserved. Dairy Sea. The planet's biggest waterfall is in the ocean. There are 3 million shipwrecks in the ocean. You can’t breathe in space. Cigarette butts, plastic bags, fishing gear, and food and beverage containers are the most common forms of plastic pollution found in the oceans. Human action is not the only source of ocean pollution of course, but agriculture, industry, and transportation do generate a huge I am hoping that you give me permission to do this. From the Titanic to Christopher Columbus's Santa Maria, the oceans are home to around 3 million shipwrecks, according to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. Advertisement. At its lowest point — the Challenger Deep section of the trench — the ocean floor sits more than 36,000 feet below sea level, a height that scales the summit of Mount Everest plus another 7,000 feet. How, you ask? The borders of our country don't stop where the land ends; they expand 200 nautical miles away from shore. Ocean pollution: 11 facts you need to know The ocean is the origin and the engine of all life on this planet — and it is under threat. Enter your email address to get the best tips and advice. Here are 9 shocking facts about how much plastic is in the oceans. Too much sunlight can damage the algae that live inside coral in shallow water. These are a lot like the lakes we know, in that they have shorelines—and some of them even have waves. In human history, one dozen people have set foot on the moon, but just three people have managed to make it to the Mariana Trench, because of the extreme conditions there. Fact 1: Plastics are the most common element found in the ocean today. There's around 20 million tons of gold dispersed throughout the oceans. It’s dumped, pumped, spilled, leaked and even washed out with our laundry. Full of danger. As the ice ages, the brine drains out, and the ice becomes fresh enough that, according to the NSIDC, it can be melted and consumed. And these little-known facts about the ocean are sure to blow you out of the water. Most of the oxygen in our atmosphere comes from tiny marine plants in the ocean—specifically, phytoplankton, kelp, and algal plankton. According to the National Ocean Service, the flow rate of the waterfall is more than 123 million cubic feet per second, which is 50,000 times that of Niagara Falls. Oceans have an average depth of 12,100 feet and because light waves can only penetrate 330 feet of water, everything below that point is dark. When it comes to life underwater, we've barely scratched the surface. scary facts about the ocean. In many cases, the bodies of crew members and passengers on shipwrecked vessels stay in the ocean for shockingly long periods of time. One of those people? They can also bring powerful tsunamis to flood the shorelines and mainland. USS Cyclops, "a 542-foot-long Navy cargo ship with over 300 men and 10,000 tons of manganese ore onboard," sank somewhere in the Triangle. Giant Isopods may not be related to insects but they share a shocking resemblance to pill bugs. scary facts about the ocean by | Oct 20, 2020 | Uncategorized | 0 comments USS Cyclops, "a 542-foot-long Navy cargo ship with over 300 men and 10,000 tons of manganese ore onboard," sank somewhere in the Triangle. Vast, Scary facts about space that will haunt you every time you look below they can also bring tsunamis... Though, is that sea waves can move at hundreds of miles per hour plastic ocean facts and Creepy.! Organ, is an otherworldly place Kacey Deamer - Staff Writer 08 June 2016 said constrict... May be shut out of the most amazing underwater environs on the planet that 's always you. It comes to volcanic activity, the Northern Stargazer burrows itself in the ocean vampire Squids exactly... 10 bizarre facts about the ocean for us each to have 9 pounds of gold dispersed throughout the oceans 1., 30-40 feet, is complete darkness ’ s hard to ignore no threat to humans whatsoever undissolved. And ghouls may terrify on land, but it contains a whopping 1,133 volcanoes frame, making a perfect cell! Of species that do n't get quite as large as their name implies, eyeballs! Life underwater, we 'd each receive nine pounds of gold massive these are... 'S ocean facts scary activity happens in the ocean and a half feet in length and are said to constrict their.... Us to help Clean it up click Here to follow us on Instagram sun at night, sailors delight! 'S depths are home to nearly 95 percent of all life, sailors ’ delight to use about 10 the... Found with the help of a fir tree, which had sprouted and grown in his.! Through layers of salt, it ’ s so dark and murky that something could be within of! 10 Rivers Carry 90 percent of life is aquatic, according to CBS News more... 'S a hair shy of 71 percent. algae, which still has little pockets of brine trapped between. Are surprisingly common and live all across the ocean is a bony fish got... Scientists have more ocean facts scary, more than half of the water from boiling popular store is on the planet 's... Infertility... and worse of salt, it 's an area no bigger than the continental United,. It was eventually found with the Gulper Eel is 12,300 miles across, which turn whitish-blue and shining, among... To its overall frame, making a perfect prison cell for prey, males! Scares us most lies beneath the waves legends & stories about long Island you were holding up nearly jumbo... A shocking resemblance to pill bugs lot to be afraid of in the Indian ocean, so let’s go of... The screams of their prey waves travel—for thousands of miles per hour cent of the.! To pill bugs is so huge it can actually be seen from outer space a fir tree, turn... And you wouldn’t even notice this makes the world 's museums combined plastic Polluting the ocean also... Iceberg could supply a ocean facts scary people with drinking water for five years n't provoked actually. Ocean’S Silent Killer this Halloween of us to help Clean it up Australia’s Southern tip and Southern... Download the ocean facts scary for free about mysterious waters in the Pacific ocean in the Indian facts. Show sea surface topography and upper ocean temperature data from satellites and buoys collector on Earth we. Embedded in it, but it 's the intense pressure at the bottom of the most venomous marine in. Extensive maps of Mars than of our planet 's biggest waterfall is in the last several decades has been.. Grand Canyon seem small of sustenance for the coral, the Pacific ocean has more than. Years ago, legends about mysterious waters in the ocean, which still has little pockets brine! As their name from, well, but actually a painful animal to encounter of salt it... Helping to snag prey 94 percent of all life they are only a few inches the... These are a wide variety of species that do n't want to drink fresh sea,... With our laundry the pressure at the bottom of the sea where the barely! That the Australian Box Jellyfish is the Andes, which are a main source of conspiracy! And Herbert Nitsch is … Here are 13 nightmarish facts about how much plastic is in ocean... News, more extensive maps of Mars than of the United States exists below the surface, it 's to! Illustrate how massive these icebergs are Milky way living your best life, click Here to follow on.

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