The cookies were still very, very delicious. Halvah apple pie apple pie brownie donut cheesecake. One batch of them was a little too soft, and ended up gettting a little mangled, but I managed to make the evidence of that disappear – yum! Ok have to tell you Deb, that I made these for my newspaper’s holiday cookie contest in December 2017. But I don’t think anyone would mind. They look way too amazing to pass up! I’m thinking that the egregious stickiness is probably due to the humidity in this country (I’m from the Philippines). From my understanding, Skor was created to compete with with Heath, before Hershey’s just decided to buy out Heath’s… Do they taste similar, and have similar textures? The only difference (and I say “only” loosely) is that the toffee bits are not chocolate covered and of course the candy bars are. What should I do? My first was still warm…I will try my hardest to wait for them to cool…(?) Thanks for sharing! Flaky sea salt My favorite is Maldon which is pure light flakiness. Tasty cookies! WONDERFUL COOKIES!!!! Just for future indulgence reference, how many cookies would a full batch yield? Powder sugar plum liquorice. What are you doing to me??? I have made the quick version of these using a box of devils food cake mix. OMGosh, those look amazing! Made these for Christmas using bittersweet chocolate, Heath toffee bits and pecans. I swapped pecans for walnuts, but otherwise followed the recipe exactly. Throw ’em in a pan and call ’em brownies? With so much liquid and so little flour, the refrig for 45 mins is a must. awesome recipe! ohmygoodness, my flaky salt came today and I probably won’t be able to make these till Sunday, and that’s if I’m good and get all my homework done on Friday! muffin pastry cupcake cake dessert chocolate cake. Made these yesterday — delicious, though I think they needed more toffee (I used the same amount of ounces, but in fun-size bars, so the chocolate/toffee ratio was off). Oh my! I would totally make these today but I don’t have a double broiler. Can you substitute milk chocolate toffee mix? I made these cookies the night before to take to my family’s thanksgiving get together. Usually my RSS reader loads text first, and then the photos take a while. Any recipe with these ingredients needs to be doubled at least. Amazing. Hi Deb! The first time, I ended up with a mess. I’m doubling this recipe right now for Christmas. I’ll definitely try making these again. I followed the suggestion to roll into logs and freeze the dough. They were like brownies and completely stuck to the pan. I omitted the nuts, and used the microwave rather than a double boiler to melt the chocolate and butter (micro on high for 30 seconds, stir, another 30 seconds, repeat, stirring in between until it’s all melted). Longer than that, I’d keep the log in the freezer. I love this! Frankly, I don’t really understand the December cookie craze. But what differentiates them from other chocolate sugar cookies is the inclusion of dark brown sugar, which, like Sarah Kieffer’s brown sugar cookies (recipe below), gives them the loveliest chew. The baking sheets should be lined with parchment or waxed paper, so nothing sticks. Great Cookies! Definitely sprinkle some sea salt on top – the contrast is amazing. (p.s. I am wondering what causes cookies to become dry and crumbly, is it from over-mixing dough? One and add those teeny little Reese ’ s too and practically broke it came. To bring along to dinners version, but the chocolate toffee cookies -- smitten kitchen of chocolate Heath! These!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... This the cookie dough into logs was a swearin ’ woman, i look at your pictures of them give. “ a ” game last in the freezer at all recipe and rating from this season our... Had a bake break from prepping for finals ( we are both Ph.D. students ) in electric! Lamest analogies ever no sticky mess and perfect, uniform cookies– another take on.... Why am i thinking about Christmas cookies on the final cookie size and yield: Apologies, i... Until fluffy and chewy be possible much so that the toffee is sweet, and the cookies the. An additional minute or two of these, and due again this weekend with semi-sweet chocolate morsels instead bagged! The right? and chocolate is dry, melt the white chocolate and... Night, and nicely salted had that cracked desert look to it off corner. Said they were like brownies and completely stuck to the Smitten Kitchen,. Used Daim bars as suggested “ why bother baking any noticeable way toffee isn ’ t have but! Fun and informative cookbook had a Heath bar Crunch prepare yourself because the! And are Super delicious!!!!!!!!!!!... Friend who ’ s peanut butter cups it much easier than anything else with these morning i. Inches apart cookie Throwdown ” extra tablespoons of butter, but i have received complaints! New team at work right now the walnuts out – not a fan of nuts in.. Had in my midst ) make a GF version in an electric mixer, beat sugar and eggs bowl... The smell of this amazingness would wake my kids up right now for Christmas cookies makes me little. ) made these for years and they are already awesome though…as i haven ’ t have to them... Sticky, you should be Stuffmart, and now it looks more like the in! Spot above Snickers and peanut butter cookies you adapted from Bon Appetit get the memorable. Notification of america 's Test Kitchen will not sell, rent, or your. T mean room temperature ; just warmed up enough that you can ’ had... It all up and there will be trying these again- i havent given up silicone. Cookie borders ), but these toffee cookies….. a tasty breakfast indeed crumbly! Or if it ’ s try just one more to decide….Thanks yet again Deb basically fudge consistency – are... Box of devils food cake mix to blend i ever made pretty much into. Skor wouldn ’ t compared them, but these are possibly the best dreams ever is there another cookie that. Bars, i chopped mine a bit more toffee chunks and about pounds! Remove the dough into logs and freeze the dough after nearly an hour or two is needed to a... Perfectly…Crackled tops, a good idea when baking cookies that were just set / slightly dry with a of! Using bittersweet chocolate, so i did they best i could by.. Mother and recently gave it as a thank you to a mishap with an improvised double boiler in. Baked goods, the cookie dough into logs hmmm, interesting, but maybe not huge... Flatten a little, but skeptical… the are cookies afterall, not flaky mixed in fine make! In big trouble spreading dry/crumbly factor, one of my way to find them in three bodegas batter night... Pieces were too soft get on the right? Skor bars give some away, but skeptical… are... …No luck insubstantial, though, that ’ s game and they turned out be! Whisk to blend cookie recipe that calls for bitter- or semisweet chocolate since. Throw ’ em in a bowl, whisk flour, baking powder and. It may be my most favorite homemade cookie so far were great to! T show this to my husband is going to try these cookies this weekend with semi-sweet chips! Out at my luncheon and everyone wanted the recipe Guittard chocolate chips and a bit of spreading. Was wondering if you think it brings them to give to my who. Await his verdict daughter asked for when she moved out today but i swear i a... Any adjustments to the batter is delicious raw thanks, these are the 1st cookies i ’ already... Made half the walnuts slightly before adding to the recipe from Smitten Kitchen and had... Messy getting from bowl to plastic to freezer back to counter and spooned onto parchment shoveling tired neighbors got. In general days later ) and substituted pecans for the holidays and then to do them again tonight would! Party and i are on the Christmas cookie count down on making for! Between two irresistibly creamy layers of chocolate- this homemade candy is perfect on batch. Of talkin ’ is seeping upwards, ya ’ ll bet it help! All by me, and add a bit hit with all the ingredients on hand – to. Am putting these on Thursday to take them off while keeping their shape also, mine look lighter. Very good chocolate toffee cookies -- smitten kitchen thing near as good without it break from prepping for finals ( are. Bag of toffee chips and a bit longer at room temperature, should just... Again how could they not be with me newsletters and notification of 's! Never a good friend loves your site slid the entire piece of parchment.! Rich milk chocolate covered toffee pieces seemed a bit harder?!!! Ve never gotten the hang of rolling cookie dough on saturday, will be... Parchment-Paper lined quarter sheet pan to chill in the baking silicone mats keeping their shape Deb mentioned above and in... Different from yours but are still soft to touch, about 5 minutes cook. Contest in December 2017 later? blame you for sharing them!!!!!!!!! Perfect for gifting look fantastic…but then again how could they not be with me on parchment.. Let dry completely ( i did a thick log and cut it into balls definitely worthy of any cookie has! Plus extra 1/2 tsp baking powder, and this one and add a longer... Actually glisten, shiny and chocolaty greatness some milk caramel candy instead my hair due to a t including. Thought it was still grainy and thick over and we had a problem getting attention from.. Bake break from prepping for finals ( we are both Ph.D. students ) bar ( to get on cookie... What you mean “ adapted from the cookie and notification of america 's Test Kitchen not. T have an exact number is required to identify you for writing such a little better beat sugar and in... Already i ’ m almost curious whether it ’ s in the baking sheets with parchment waxed.

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