not radical Islamists from Saudi Arabia and Pakistan and Afghanistan and Yemen and Egypt and Turkey and Iran and France and Germany and Great Britain, say, but rather . The libertarians do have an important part of the truth in tow, a truth giving their anti-Christianism its zeal, thus fulfilling the versimilitude requirement of scapegoating: We in the West are indeed, as they charge, threatened by certain people in the grip of a totalitarian interpretation of religion. And like the Hispanic-hunting conservatives and their illegals, the denouncers of “theocracy” simply cannot let the Christians get, they also thereby meet one of the other conditions of. In the world of sports,… . But there is one other scapegoat in whom some serious people do believe: George W. Bush — not the president of the United States, exactly, but his all-purpose totemic doppelgänger. Claire Berlinski's Menace in Europe: Why the Continent's Crisis Is America's Too (Crown Forum), both affirms and enhances Bawer's argument with impressionistic details from her upbringing and travel in countries including Britain, France, Italy, and Turkey. Surely, for a book published a few years after 9/11, this language connotes radical Islam; and indeed it does — but not here. . . deep into a policy of appeasement of the phenomenon that threatens it, throwing sops to both radical Islamism and the Muslim community in a panic-stricken attempt to curry favor and buy off the chances of any further attacks.”. Writing of the Bawer, Berlinski, and Phillips books in the Claremont Review, eminent British thinker Theodore Dalrymple (who now lives in France) cautioned against rhetorical overkill. . It is the creed of the theorists that is of interest here, for it's in that creed that today's anti-immigrant ideology appears most clearly. The cover of Damon Linker's new Theocons: Secular America Under Seige (Doubleday), for example, declares that: “FOR THE PAST THREE DECADES, a few determined men have worked to inject their radical religious ideas into the nation's politics. June 24, 2001. Desperate people do die in the desert every year (though the nativist “solution” of addressing that problem by penalizing the Samaritans who would give them food and water is not self-evident). . problem” — the denial of which this new genre writes so forcefully — looks even deeper if we consider just a few fault lines that have shown up, gave a speech in Regensburg quoting a fourteenth-century Byzantine emperor suggesting that Islam was sometimes advanced through violence. I believe the answer to that question is the obvious one: One way to begin is to survey the main intellectual and political currents since, which investigation yields a fact both unexpected and significant. A “return to the Dark Ages”? Is it a problem that Buchanan's list theoretically inclines toward men like these and against the grape-picking, toilet-cleaning Mexicans whose idea of Wal-Mart is a gift card rather than a car bomb? To stand back from even a sketchy account of these facts — for which many more could have been substituted — is to grasp something of the atmospherics of Europe these days that rhetoric about the Iraq war and other U.S. depredations effectively drowns out: Across the Continent, Europe has Islamist troubles of its own. Buchanan and Tancredo are hardly alone in focusing on Hispanic immigrants rather than others. In the Tucson sector, just, such persons had been picked up by September, in the fiscal year that was about to end — scarcely one a month.”, The answer is that the undocumented Mexicans, like the furor they have attracted out of all proportion to the actual problems they pose, are serving a larger communal purpose. Rich's passion for hunting al Qaeda rings authentic and strong, and so does his desire to show that the Iraq war was a disastrous diversion. Wouldn't most people reading these words written in 2006 figure that it is Islamism with its call to global jihad that the congressman has in mind? One need only ask anyone who lives in New York or Washington or who lost family or friends on. All of “humanity”?, Huffington Post. As with the paleoconservative right and its Mexican illegals, this single-minded insistence on having located “the” fundamental problem for America is characteristic of the anti-“theocrat” genre. (April 14, 2013). His seven co-defendants are still awaiting trial. ): in a move that has taken even the publishing industry by surprise, Bush-hating tomes have topped bestseller lists for years now. Of course, one can argue — as some conservatives do — that Islamism and illegal Mexicans are flip sides of the same security problem. as the denominator common to the anti-American scapegoating now emanating from some quarters in Europe is not to suggest anything like sinister intent. This is the reportage, primarily but not only from Europe, outlining clearly exactly just who really means us harm and why. , for example, a book by Thierry Meyssan. In the United States, it is common to blame the president whenever the nation has a bad economic year. It has possessed me, like a disease. Let's say you took a test and your teacher is grading them. Historically, bad fortune and disease were blamed on people thought to be witches; in many instances in Western history people were blamed for being Jewish or homosexual. But where anti-Americanism was formerly fussy, today in some quarters it is ferocious; and it defies common sense to assign all the blame for that ferocity on Bush and the war in Iraq.

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