Ejecta is a fast, open source JavaScript, Canvas & Audio implementation for iOS. Ejecta mimics the HTML5 APIs more closely and thus works with a variety of Canvas libraries, including ThreeJS. Since 08741b4 Ejecta uses the JSC lib provided by iOS and tvOS instead of bundling a custom fork of it. Many games made with Ejecta found their way into the App Store without a problem. Older Ejecta versions (then called iOSImpact) implemented a lot of hacks and shortcuts to make it work. More info & Documentation: http://impactjs.com/ejecta. Many HTML5 Games run out of the box, or with minimal modifications – with better performance, better sound support, Game Center integration and more. To compile the Ejecta project, you need a Mac and XCode 7.1 or newer. This only affects WebGL and the get/setImageData() functions for Canvas2D. they're used to log you in. Ejecta is a fast, open source JavaScript, Canvas & Audio implementation for iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) and tvOS (Apple TV). If the window size changes due to a rotation (i.e. You have to hand this Canvas element over to Three.js instead of letting it create its own. You should now be able to compile and run the project in the Simulator. It then executes the Source/Ejecta/Ejecta.js file that sets up a bunch of things and finally loads the App/index.js file - which is where you … Learn more. How Ejecta Works. It has no DIVs, no Tables, no Forms – only Canvas and Audio elements. an image file in App/images/test.png can be loaded like so: You can also easily load other source files in your App/ directory with ejecta.include(). Note that you can't change the "mode" (2D or WebGL) of a Context after it has been created. Many games made with Ejecta found their way into the App Store without a problem. Device Support. We use optional third-party analytics cookies to understand how you use GitHub.com so we can build better products. Ejecta now rotates to all allowed orientations automatically. Chances are your Impact games run without modification – apart from controls and screen size – on Ejecta. Ejecta always creates the screen Canvas element for you. An example App folder with the Three.js Walt CubeMap demo can be found here: http://phoboslab.org/files/Ejecta-ThreeJS-CubeMap.zip. The size of the Screen Canvas is automatically set to the non retina screen size of the current device, but you can of course still render in retina resolution, by setting the width and height to the retina resolution while forcing the style to scale the canvas to the logical display resolution. Think of it as a Browser that can only display a Canvas element. The workaround from previous versions is not needed anymore. Learn more. You can always update your selection by clicking Cookie Preferences at the bottom of the page. This is in line with current browsers. For an example application, copy ./index.js into the App folder.

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