Angels don’t show that kind of open affection, and Aziraphale (who is functionally autistic) takes great comfort in being squeezed, as his choice in clothing has indicated for a long time now. Heya! But Aziraphale can’t stop freezing, breathless, going numb as he expects the hollow kindness to wash over him and leave him colder than before. I accept suggestions however you wan to send them. Crowley leaned down, brushed his lips across Aziraphale’s cheek. You: No worries Sam! Currently all about Good Omens. And yours is…” he tilted his head. “I see.” Aziraphale twisted his fingers together. Warlock: Whatever it was, it looked like Brother Francis was winning. Here.”. It hurts like exercising an atrophied muscle, like eating a full meal when you’re used to starving, like the burn you get when you’re coming back from the brink of hypothermia. “Moose and Squirrel aren’t making Christmas enjoyable.”, You rolled your eyes, smiling at Crowley, “is it that obvious?”. About Mostly David Tennant and Doctor Who stuff, with a bit of Shakespeare (and Good Omens) thrown in. Chic.” His eyes flitted up to Crowley’s carefully arranged hair. ), Invitations by AnnetheCatDetective(Rated E - Note: Aziraphale has a v*gina - or rather we’ve got some weird angel biology going on we truly get to see him switch what he has, which is very nice! “I could give you anything your heart desires [Y/N],” Crowley whispered. Crowley watched you as you left, biting his bottom lip once more. … does put you off, this series is well worth a read), The Holy Fire by Maone(Rated E - we don’t often get to see Aziraphale’s angelic powers used in fic, but the way they’re used here is so brilliant and Crowley’s incredibly turned on reaction to it is perfect! Moved to take his hand back– But Aziraphale’s hand enclosed his, tangling their fingers together so that their palms rested against the table, and Aziraphale’s thumb stroked a very gentle, shy line over the side of Crowley’s. I’ve finally finished working on the “GO'character sheet. “All I want for Christmas is you, darling,” Crowley whispered, closing the gap between his lips and yours. It turns out that if you’re really, really not used to it, kindness actually hurts. Bottom Crowley (Good Omens) (784) Top Aziraphale (Good Omens) (645) Anal Sex (286) Aziraphale Has a Penis (Good Omens) (190) Ineffable Husbands (Good Omens) (184) First Time (180) Smut (164) Plot What Plot/Porn Without Plot (158) Crowley Has a Penis (Good Omens) (158) Oral Sex (153) Other tags to include Exclude ? That said, a collarbone kiss is waaaay more of an amusing conclusion there, considering the lead up, so if I ever put this on AO3 I’ll probably keep that, just change the description a little to make more sense. Sometimes, when Crowley stayed too late at the bookshop and sought his usual spot on the sofa, he found Aziraphale sitting there already, offering a lap to rest his head on, soft fingers to brush through bright red hair. ), But yeah. I just love this fic. CaptainLokii’s entire Beautiful Angels and their besotted demons series is wonderful as they explore those themes), The Sexual Misadventures of the Serpent of Eden and the 6000 Year Old Virgin by MsThunderFrost(Rated E - No actual penetration here, but the inclusion of Crowley’s serpent tongue was so good and strangely rare in fic… intrigued to see where the author goes with the series and bottom!Aziraphale appears to be the way they’re going), All My Dreams Fulfill by AgentStannerShipper(Rated E - Oh God this one is so wonderful. Are you…finished in there?”. Not unconditional, not considerate of his personhood, and not actually kind. It’s more of that miscommunication that our angel and demon are so good at. Older than your average tumblr user. We’ll watch the movie when I get back. ... who is skeptical of the whole thing. Maybe? This time Aziraphale really does know what he wants, but it’s all so tender and lovely. So, in terms of human analogies for the psychological damage they’ve both got: Crowley is an unloved, rejected child. “I want you to be comfortable. That would be… not acceptable. What was the…the appeal with that? His kiss was gentle at first, but grew more intense as the kiss deepened. Maybe. He stopped behind you, leaning close to your ear. This took a bit, and went a few different directions, but I think I’m mostly satisfied! He just freezes. Animation ver. sometimes you just gotta pick up your demon husband and dip him in a kiss, 24 y/o trans dude || fan arts are cool || nsfw not tagged, funny bc it has started as a kind of joke with my partner, (and abt my partner i think they are in the same situation as me so idk cool), i mean it started as a simple hc and now i see everything is spiraling down idk i hope i was not part of the harm. He tells Aziraphale to keep at it anyway. Look. Let it sink in that this is safe. Neither angels nor demons had any natural desire for physical intimacy – sexual or otherwise. It embarrasses him. I know Christmas time isn’t an easy time for you two. “To what do I owe the pleasure?.”, “Hello to you too [Y/N],” Crowley remarked as he strolled over to you. “Can’t not do what I’m told…” AZIRAPHALE YOU ARE SUCH A FUCKING BOTTOM PLEASE JUST KILL ME RN THIS ENTIRE SCENE: JUST,, just look at him okay omfg HE STARED AT CROWLEY’S LIPS THE WHOLE ENTIRE GODDAMN TIME I LITERALLY CANT LAKJSDFLKJ A *CLAP* BRAT *CLAP* this,,,,,the way he says “Good Lord” all breathless and his makeup and HIS HAIR AND THE WAY HE LOOKS AT HIS DOM CROWLEY … “How do you keep your head warm while you sleep?”. As you walked down the road, you checked your phone for any texts. #Goodomens #aziraphale#crowley #drawing #draw #illustration #illust #art #artwork #fanart #artist #ineffablehusbands #happyhalloween. Korean. Until the numbness subsides and he can feel the warmth, this time of actual unconditional love, seeping into his starved soul. Which is also embarrassing. And, if you got right down to it, in a bed. Probably made the whole affair…er, that is…I’ve made things…Why don’t I just, well, I could change into…”, The angel raised his fingers to snap, but Crowley intercepted them, caught them in his hand. “Aziraphale (who is functionally autistic) takes great comfort in being squeezed, as his choice in clothing has indicated for a long time now”, This whole thing is good but I wanna thank you for this thought in particular. At first, it appeared nothing had changed – black silk, shirt, trousers. in this house we worship Crowley Meratyn, Place to enjoy stuff from our beloved Ranger's apprentice fandom! twitter : @Pinn_M_CU :  “All I want for Christmas is you, darling,” Crowley whispered, closing the gap between his lips and yours. Tight holds, those are great. 拾 “It suits you.”. Tell him nice sincere things that make him tear up and want to protest at first but slowly, slowly, he’ll start to believe them. “I have many more wishes, if you’d like to fulfill them [Y/N],” Crowley smirked. Comment! “Mrrrrgh.” Crowley groaned and shuffled his feet, and downed the last of his chamomile, before he sighed and conceded: “They do, don’t they?” That earned him another angelic smile. uhm okay things are getting Heated in the fandom so in guessing it’s time for a Statement: i made this blog almost one year ago, loved the concept of bottom!aziraphale, but right now i’m not into GO anymore, and i’m using this blog just to dump go fan arts that i like, i’m considering changing the username but at this point i think the ✨cool ones✨ are gone so i’ll stick with it, this blog is not always sfw and i dont tag anything, i’m a 24 y/o trans guy as stated in the bio, i dont even check DMs anymore (sorry), i don’t interact with anyone connected to the GO fandom anymore, it’s just a place where i literally dump all the fan arts i find cool because artists deserve visibility, it has been nice, this blog will remain active as much as I can (fan arts are always cool! Tight holds help. I suppose that’s comfortable enough. As a hunter you never know when you’ll need to protect yourself. And the two fics in this series are perfect examples of the wing!fic I like to see, complete with a perfectly dominating yet tender Crowley and needy Aziraphale), like you’ve never known fear by VivatRex(Rated M - so much beautifully written angst… is it angst? As if he cared, but didn’t…actually care. Huh. Usually. Crowley watched his expression, frozen, watched the bob of Aziraphale’s throat as he swallowed. Aside from the PVC cards which i’ll be going to get the stock tmr, they’re available for pre-orders here on my Etsy. If you didn’t know any better, you would say Crowley enjoyed being this close to you. “It’s just a simple question [Y/N],” Crowley mumbled with a shrug. Aziraphale leaned his weight against Crowley’s side and nodded. So, you don’t have to please anyone but yourself.” He shook his head, wishing he could figure out what he wanted to say. I like the…black.” He gestured vaguely. Crowley bit his bottom lip, looking down at you. Don’t you have something to do? “Hang on.

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